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Welcome to my ePortfolio. Here are my accomplishments, goals, mission, vision and value statements, and education. I have also listed my work experience, attributes, and skills which will assist me in my future career in the public safety field.


"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth"- John F. Kennedy

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement: I am Nick Purvis; I am taking the necessary steps to become a police officer. I believe in never giving up while putting an effort in everything that I do. I am striving towards being a well-balanced academic, physical,  and emotional individual. 
Vision Statement: I will put one hundred percent of my effort into entering the public safety field. Everyday I push myself to become a better person, to one day become an exceptional  peace officer. 

Value Statement: I am inspired to always demonstrate honesty, leadership, teamwork, and my problem solving skills. 


Short Term 

  • Obtain my Criminal Justice Policing Diploma.
  •  Achieve a career in the public safety industry. .
  • Get a grade point average of 2.5.

Long Term 

  • Become a constable for Lethbridge Regional Police Service. 
  •  Volunteer every weekend, while not working, as a peace officer. 
  • Be a role model to children and young adults in my community. 

Resume and Cover Letter

Below is my Resume and Cover Letter.



Criminal Justice Policing Diploma

Lethbridge College

I am learning how to navigate the Criminal Code, balance my schedule around school and work, while expanding my knowledge of the English language. 


High School Diploma

Catholic Central High School

I achieved my high school diploma, after completing grades 1-12. 

Work experience


Front End Supervisor 

  • I am responsible for all front end employees.
  • I am responsible for thousands of dollars every night.
  • It is my job to ensure everyone is happy and doing their jobs properly.


Shoppers Drug Mart
  • It was my job to clean the front area of the store.
  • I was responsible for approximately 200 dollars worth of lottery tickets.
  • I was responsible for balancing my till at the end of the night.


  • I was responsible for balancing my till at the end of the night. 
  • I had to be friendly and approachable to everyone. 
  • I was responsible for keeping my till clean. 

Front End Supervisior

  • I was in charge of all front end employees.
  • I was responsible for thousands of dollars every night.
  • I was responsible for making and enforcing a break schedule. 

Courtesy Clerk

  • I packed and took groceries out to customers vehicles.
  • I balanced my school work around my work schedule. 
  • I made sure the store was as clean as the owners wanted it to be. 

Volunteer Experience 

  • Our Lady of the Assumption School: I volunteered in Linda Graf's grade 4/5 class for 44 hours in 2013

Skills and Attributes


It does not matter what I dedicate myself to, after I have dedicated myself to do something I will not leave until I exhaust all options or the job is done. I pride myself on not leaving anyone behind and finishing the job I have started. 


In any setting I am able to adapt and succeed. If I am faced with difficult challenges I have not been faced with before, I try my hardest to gather the confidence to get the job done. 


When working in a team setting I can push myself to become the leader. While working with others in the group to achieve the common goal.


Dealing with anyone I will give them as much respect as I can. It is very important to me to treat people the way I would want to be treated. 


I pride myself on being as honest as possible at all times. Being honest is very important to me and is one of the many things I am very good at. 

Time Management 

I excel at managing my time. When there is a deadline I spread out and organize everything I need to do. Doing this will ensure the job gets done. 

Listening Skills

I am very good at paying attention to what someone is telling me. After I am told something I often repeat it to ensure I understand what I heard and if it is correct.


  • Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Football
  • Running



  • Devon Ferguson: Manager at Sobeys from 2012-2014.                         Cell: 403-915-8861
  • Trent Thompson: Store manager at Sobeys from 2012-2014.            Cell: 403-320-4398