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Nick Prokesch

React & RubyOnRails developer | pun enthusiast | dad joke advocator | taco snob | AWS fanboy

Work experience

Software Developer

Full stack developer with a focus on AWS services, microservices, ReactJS, Lambda, Python, Ruby, Rails, and e-commerce software.

  • Supported Ruby on Rails monolith while actively breaking codebase into microservices
  • Optimized and maintained rails app while fine tuning for performance
  • Helped team move multiple services from Heroku to AWS OpsWorks using Chef
  • Helped team improve ReactJS best practices
  • Worked on serverless apps using AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway
  • Helped implement continuous deployment strategy for multiple web apps
  • Helped educate marketing team on automation strategies Salesforce and Exact Target

Product UI Developer

Platforms Engineer with focus on UI and Product

  • Wrote Rails & jQuery app to provide customer interface to V2
  • Wrote Rails & ReactJS app to provide customer search interface for V3 API
  • Wrote Chrome Extension to automate internal development tasks
  • Implemented technology to integrate Email Marketing Automation into tech stack
  • Wrote Chef recipes and cookbooks for deployment automation and provisioning
  • Integrated Salesforce automation for customer data for use in sales pipeline


  • Freelance PC/Mac troubleshooting & optimization
  • in home technical support & service
  • new equipment purchasing & installation, personalized technical customization
  • hardware & software upgrades/ recommendation
  • web design & maintenance, home networking
  • small business networking, mobile phone & tablet support
  • Apple product support, basic & advanced computer training/assistance
ProctorCam, Inc

Test Automation & Support Engineer

  • Support Engineer with focus on debugging,2nd tier customer support, and test automation development Wrote test automation suite for legacy PHP codebase using Ruby, Cucumber, Gherkin, and Selenium
  • Debugged Zend PHP and JavaScript app
  • Developed solutions for issues in codebase
  • Assisted in daily operations for technical side of business
SwiftecIT, Inc

IT Technician

  • Provided remote and on-site PC support technician
  • Supported Windows Servers and Workstations
  • Supported Linux servers
  • Supported Apple OSX Workstation
TJX Store Systems

Technical Support Representative Level 2

  • Assisted in firewall installations after national credit card systems breach
  • Handle first and second level retail POS-system calls
  • assist store employees with store system technical issues
  • assist on-site technicians
  • provide remote support and optimization
  • perform remote software upgrades and installations
  • provide support to corporate employees.