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Sep 2011Aug 2015

Bachelors of Arts in Recreation and Eco Tourism/Communications 

Western Washington University

Bellingham, Washington

Sep 2010Sep 2011

Associates of Arts in Integrated Studies

Cascadia Community College

Bothell, Washington


Marketing, detail, design 

Moderate experience with digital and social media marketing, paid social media, basic proficiency in Adobe Illustrator and photoshop, keen eye for detail, high interest in design and advertising

Google AdWords, Google Analytics  

Proficiency in google Adwords and Analytics 

Communication, costumer service, sales

Excellent interpersonal communication and people skills

Event planning, community collaboration, program design

Experience with event planning, designing social programs, budgeting 

Team work, leadership, creativity

Extensive experience working in teams: Strong ability to collaborate, cooperate, problem solve and create solutions

Work experience

October 2016January 2017

Event Coordinator

Northwest Designs 

-Establishing new relationships with local and national organizations and governing bodies

-Foster and maintain existing accounts with organizations around the U.S., Canada, and Europe

-Booking events with old and new partners and clients throughout the year

-Research and Development; acquiring new strategies for creating new partnerships

-Traveling around the U.S. + Canada to events as NWD sales rep, networking, and strengthening relationships

May 2016September 2016

Program Assistant- New Costumer/ Client Programs


-Part of a small team focusing on nailing issues revolving around homeowner satisfaction through actively engaging with homeowners and developing new data, successfully reaching the goal of increasing the long term contractor to homeowner response rate nationwide.                                                                                        

-Selling/ signing up new contractors with a program recently launched by company: Pay As You Go.

May 2015Aug 2015

Social Media Marketing Manager/ Outreach Coordinator

Disidual Clothing

 -Managed and utilized social media outlets to promote company, engage community, and increase following.

-Community outreach rep: Worked with local businesses to help execute and be a part of community events.

-Outreach, coordinating, and collaboration with local professionals to create new creative promotional materials.