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Level (3) Communications~ Operations Technician

• Voice Solutions Team: Responsible for internal and external organizational sources for Voice Complete and EIPT orders placed in North America. Provided the first point of escalation for resolution of issues preventing circuit order completion. Excel at multiple systems while coordinating with customers/teams on Hot-cuts/Migrations of existing circuits including order entry, configuring, validating, maintaining, and optimizing all telephone systems and services, Private Branch Exchange (PBX) communication systems, and video conferencing environments. Pipeline, Portal

• Pushed vendor escalations to first level, driving Firm Order Commitment/Design Layout Record (FOC/DLR).

• Customer Care Manager: Monitored and identified capacity and performance issues for telecommunications traffic to ensure uninterrupted operation of systems while managing multiple orders for order validation

• Managed and administrated telecommunications infrastructure with it’s associated software, including PBX call management systems, and interactive voice response, including video conferencing systems.

• Directory Services: Received and submitted orders into ILEC systems to update customers Directory listings and assisted with consistent excellence including expedited order completions. Neustar, MOAB and Customer Portal

• Navigated system quickly and efficiently with GIS, Port PS etc., to locate all pertinent order information and create, reset or complete task(s) using appropriate system to order flow process and task queue


Administrative support professional offering versatile office skills with strong problem solving who readily adapts to change, works independently, and exceeds expectations. Able to focus on multiple priorities and meet tight deadlines without compromising quality. Seeking a position within a professional environment where mutual respect, teamwork, and positivity are fostered and encouraged.


  • Microsoft Office 2011/Mac OS
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Speed-Read/Proof-Read
  • Publication Creation
  • Campus Vue, FCNH Training,
  • Resume & Business Plans
  • Event Planning, Recruiting
  • Research, Data Entry, Processing
  • Marketing/Networking/Sales
  • Website Design, Advertising
  • Interaction Client:Net Edition Aspect
  • Public Speaking, General Office
  • Written Correspondence
  • CRM, Customer Relations Management 
  • Hobson's Connect, Share Point, 
  • Switchboard phone systems-I3 
  • Project Management, Scripter
  • Management Experience
  • References

    Lissa Bricker

    Alecia Collins-Powell

    Ms. Powell has been a valued mentor throughout my career in Education.

    Jennifer McDowell

    Ms. McDowell is my superviser and can account for my work ethic and dependability. 


    Coordinated and worked closely with the State of Colorado's Department of Regulatory Agency

    Actual Superior Review

    “Enthusiastic and cooperative team player that is extremely productive and dependable with diverse customer demographic who has excellent written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills, equally successful in both team and self-driven settings with ability to recognize and resolve issues and inefficiencies in an effort to enhance business performance and drive results.”




    Work experience

    Full Admissions Representative

    ESM/Xerox~Brandman University
    • Assisted with launching over 200 education programs in 26 campuses in 2 states and online
    • Conducted interviews remotely with prospective students guiding them through the Brandman University admissions process exceeding goals 
    • Authored professional correspondence to students, and administrators while masting multiple computer programs including: Interaction Client Net Edition, Aspect, Hobson’s Connect, Share Point, and FEPS and CRM. 2 awards for excellence received
    Oct 2009May 2012

    Career Services Manager

    Steiner Education Group

    • Maintained & administered student files with creative and progressive initiative that provided significant results. 
    • Coordinated career events, job fairs and volunteer events with local employers & community, contributing reflective networking capability. 
    • Instructed professional development classes, outlining aspects of marketing, business & licensing procedures, statewide and internationally, exhibiting versatile support roles in various working environments. 
    • Worked directly with Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) as liaison developing more effective ways to communicate new laws and regulations as they changed over a 4 year period.
    Jul 2011Oct 2008

    Career Services Advisor

    Steiner Education Group
    • Handled multi-faceted clerical tasks (e.g., data entry, electronic filing, records management). 
    • Coordinated interviewing for 12-15 graduates daily. 
    • Trained employees. 
    • Developed and maintained innovative automated database and ensured the delivery of premium service to guide and assist. 
    • Coordinated with employees as liaison with FCHN as subject matter expert while developing and maintaining automated database and delivering a premium service to guide and assist client in daily employment tracking  
    • Created electronic budget for flash drives approved for distribution within all SEG programs nationwide. Awarded Employee of Quarter. Promoted Manager.
    Mar 2007Sep 2008

    Customer Service

    • Provided concentrated customer service for office supply store. 
    • Precisely kept inventory and reconciliation.
    • Maintained planograms while assisting print shop and expediting timely orders to client.
    Mar 2003Oct 2006

    CSR/CAM Accounts,Driver

    Checker Auto
    • Expedited research to set up plan-o-grams.
    • Assisted with improving customer experience by knowing store merchandise information.
    • Elicited high department productivity. 
    • Processed merchandise orders, oversaw inventory stock including shipping and receiving duties while maintaining an organized space and overstock room.
    Mar 2002Feb 2003

    CAM Accounts, Fleet Driver

    Advanced Auto Parts

    • Established commercial accounts with continued superior service building new business for the company and helping to gain credibility for referrals to more billable customers
    • Drove parts over metro area delivering parts to commercial accounts.
    • Maintained store inventory stocking. 



    Parks Community College

    Medical Terminology 


    Northern Oklahoma College
    Aug 1995Jan 1997

    Oklahoma State University


    Oct 2013Oct 2023

    Operations Technician

    Level 3 Academy


    Event Planning/Recruiting
    Business Plans/Resume
    Campus Vue/SharePoint ~4yrs Hobson's & Banner~1yr Interaction Client:Net Edition~1yr Switchboard phone systems-I3 Aspect 2yrs    
    Microsoft Office Suite