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With an education from some of the world’s most renowned schools, Nicholas Porfilio is preparing to contribute in a number of professional disciplines. He began his college education at a prestigious school in the United States, Georgetown University. During his time as an undergraduate, Nicholas Porfilio spent a year abroad studying finance and economics at one of the world’s most selective universities, The London School of Economics and Political Science. In 2007, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Finance and International Business. Continuing his education by pursuing advanced degrees, he attends Stanford University, where he seeks a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. He expects to graduate from the California institution in 2012.

Outside of earning degrees from distinguished schools, Nicholas Porfilio has used his skills in economics as an Intern at a well-known financial institution and in the offices of a United States senator. In 2005, he served as an Economic Policy Researcher in the Washington offices of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Nicholas Porfilio analyzed the effect of Senator Clinton’s efforts to relocate businesses to Upstate New York. Later on, he interned for Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. as part of a research team analyzing the effects of Congress members’ political alignments on a variety of industries.

Four years ago, Nicholas Porfilio became an Analyst at Morgan Stanley, contributing to the company’s Strategic Acquisitions Group. While there, Nicholas Porfilio excelled in deal execution and business development endeavors through engineering global business decisions, managing external consultants, and developing precise industry and competitor analyses.

In summer 2010, Nicholas Porfilio took his knowledge of world markets to China Growth Capital in Beijing as a Summer Associate. He assumed a variety of duties, including strategy development and expanding the digital presence of a portfolio company through website design and search engine marketing. Collectively, Nicholas Porfilio’s global experience includes work and travel in more than 45 countries.




Stanford University


Georgetown University