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Work experience

Feb 2011Jun 2011

Sales Associate

Sears Holding Corporation

I am responsible for educating customers on the products we offer in the appliances department and aiding them in finding the perfect product to fit their types of use. After finding the right merchandise, I give the customer a lesson on how everything works so they won't have any issues later on. I write up merchandise orders on Sears computer system, answer the phones, and deal with any other customer issues that may come my way. 

May 2010Aug 2010

Sales Representative

Vector Marketing Corporation

I was responsible for scheduling each of my appointments and constructing a customer base of my own. I traveled to customer's homes and demonstrated Cutco products for them and allowed them to test the products for themselves. If the customer had previously purchased any of our products, I was trained in the process of maintaining their products to a "like new" condition. I also had to write up order forms and communicate with customers effectively at all times; from ordering to owning. 

May 2009Feb 2010

Student Caller

West Virginia University Foundation

I was responsible for calling past, present, and potential donors to keep them up-to-date with the organizations they have donated to, or may potentially donate to. I was also responsible for entering donations into the WVUF computer system.


Aug 2007May 2011

Bachelor of Arts

West Virginia University


I am the type of person that has the ability to adapt to things very quickly. In my current job for example, I went through approximately 15 hours of computer training before being able to hit the sales floor. When I got to the floor, I realized that I was very under prepared by the training and was going to have to learn from my first hand experiences. I tried to learn as much as possible from my co-workers, but took it upon myself to learn the rest from my own first hand experiences. 
In high school, I played baseball and golf. Baseball is one of the best sports to use as an example for a "team sport." Nine individuals have to come together and function as one to be effective and successful. Golf, although it seems to be an individual sport, is not. For our team to prevail, we had to all work together and combine for the lowest team score. Both of these sports taught me how to effectively work as a team member.   In college, I have been part of countless group projects for many of my classes. These projects functioned just like the sports I have played in the past. Although we may have had to do some independent work, we had to combine in the end and present our information as a group. I am all about giving constructive feedback as well as receiving it. I believe that it is better for the group and better for myself in the long run.
Coaching and Development
When working for Vector Marketing, I was promoted to Key Staff for my proven sales numbers. As a member of Key Staff I was responsible for assisting in the training and development of new representatives. I was to help them with any issues they may have.
When I was a computer science major, I had to take a couple engineering classes that required use to MATLAB. I understood it fairly well because it is so closely related to the JAVA programming language.
My job with the WVU Foundation was solely about being on the phone and having to effectively communicate with people. My phone skills were very poor when I first started there but got better each week. I can now say that I have very good phone communication skills with confidence.
I have used each of my past 2 jobs and my current job as an opportunity to enhance my persuasion tactics. I feel that although I am very good with it, I still have room for improvement. This is my favorite skill to use, probably due to the fact that I see it as a challenge to successfully persuade someone to do or buy something.
JAVA Programming
I have taken two classes in college related to JAVA programming.
Microsoft Office
I have taken classes in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.


MLB and college baseball, college basketball, NFL and college football, computers and other technology, snowboarding, traveling, bow and gun hunting, fishing, and NASCAR

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Jun 2009Present

When Help Is Delayed

American Red Cross
Jun 2009Jun 2012

Wilderness First Aid

American Red Cross