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Nicholas Kaufman owns and manages Belfort Instruments with his partner, Bruce Robinson. Belfort Instruments, founded in 1876, designs and builds world-class weather and environmental observation and measurement instruments. Kaufman, a highly experienced businessman, possesses a long history of achievements with engineering firms such as Belfort Instruments. Educated at Stanford University, Nicholas Kaufman has a BS in Physics and an MS in Engineering Science. Nicholas Kaufman and Bruce Robinson purchased Belfort Instruments in 1992 and have moved the company into the challenging area of automated meteorological observations. Under Nicholas Kaufman’s leadership, Belfort Instruments designed and qualified three new sensors for the U.S. National Weather Service’s Automated Surface Observing System. Instrument packages in this system from Belfort Instruments are now used in 1,200 locations around the globe while improving the quality and timeliness of routine observations for the National Weather Service. Nicholas Kaufman has a long history of coming to companies like Belfort Instruments and running them successfully. Before he worked with Belfort Instruments, much of Kaufman’s career centered around the nuclear industry, and specifically, nuclear cleanup operations. His first job after college was with the Phillips Petroleum Company as a research scientist, but he quickly took a job with the Aerojet Nuclear Company, where he held responsibility for the operation of seven nuclear plants. After the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, Nicholas Kaufman was a member of a small team assigned to determine the cause of the accident and develop forward-looking plans to deal with the site. From this point on, Kaufman became a member of upper management dealing with multiple companies in both nuclear operations and cleanup, including the largest private environmental superfund site in the United States. In 1992, Nicholas Kaufman started a fund with a partner that purchased and operated many companies. The result of this effort was the creation of Scientech, Inc. as well as the acquiring of other firms such as Belfort Instruments. Nicholas Kaufman retired from Scientech, Inc. in 2002. He continues to manage Belfort Instruments.

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