Liu Wen

Liu Wen


I like travelling, climing, watching films, and surfing the internet. And my favourite sport is riding bicycle and my favourite food is chicken.


Assistant of your office or the manager; Interpreter of company or organization which concerns international business; College or vocational university‘s teacher.



Have a strong sense of responsibility, honest personality, treat people sincerely, modesty, self-discipline, confidence, have rich creativity,positive,have a strong team spirit and dedication spirit, ability and the stability of psychological stress better,  have a strong ability to logical thinking and judging.


Practical, prudent, responsible, cautious, have strong organizational management and coordination capacity, work conscientiously and carefully, self-learning ability with good adaptability to the organization , and to accept new things quickly, have a strong desire to succeed


From an early age developed a thrifty, saving the life style, not afraid of bitter and tired,have the spirit of hard,have a good mental outlook, love life, love a wide range

Work experience

Work experience
Jul 2007 - Sep 2007

My Interesting Internship

Daewoo Cement

Although  I have a  very hard holiday in the internship period, but the memory is still really good. The most important thing is not the result of practice, but rather to enjoy the process of internship.


Sep 2009 - Present

Bachelor Degree

Chung-Ang University
Sep 2006 - Jun 2009

Associate Degree

Shandong University
Sep 2003 - Jun 2006

NO.1 High School



Computer Level



Jun 2008 - Present

College English Test Band 4

China Government
Sep 2008 - Present

Korean Proficiency Test 4

Korea Government
Apr 2009 - Present

Korean Proficiency Test 6

Korea Government
Nov 2007 - Present

Assistant Logistics Manager

China Government
Oct 2008 - Present

National Scholarship

China Government
Jun 2009 - Present

Outstanding Graduates Awards

Shandong Provincial Government