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Personal Summary

My passion for software development has led me through a wide variety of roles throughout my career. Currently I am a Senior Project Manager with strong leadership, communication and technical skills at PBSC Urban Solutions. Responsible for a team of developers working on core product features, I have successfully lead teams under my guidance through many major releases with proven success for multiple years. My technical background consist of UI and back-end development on web, desktop, and mobile platforms as well as personal gaming projects on industry standard technology. With communication skills gained from various sales employment experience involving public speaking and technical demonstrations, I've established my presence through self-learning and aptitude and am looking for an exciting opportunity to broaden my horizons.

Work History

August 207Present

Senior Project Manager

PBSC Urban Solutions


  • Managed and successfully delivered the required documentation, assessments, and technical descriptions for all projects related to the 2017 fiscal year for R&D efforts. This has saved PBSC many costs since they would previously use an external tax firm for this process.
  • Managed and deployed multiple websites within a short period of time on track by coordinating with clients and external partners
  • Built roadmap for mobile application considering strategy and maximizing usage and revenue
  • Built roadmap for the kiosk
November 2016August 2017

Product Owner Consultant

Yellow Pages

Responsible for leading a team of developers  creating a custom in-house e-commerce solution; this product is considered one of the top initiatives of the company in 2017.


  • Successfully led multi-team effort to release the YP Store, an in-house tool used to minimize cost and maximize efficiency for the very large in-house sales force.
August 2016October 2016

Product Owner / Scrum Master

FANS Entertainment

FANS Entertainment provides mobile technology platforms enabling online and in-seat purchasing for stadiums, venues, and arenas. I was the Product Owner for all Web technologies and lead multiple teams of developers through the software release cycle while also building the roadmap for future development and working with key stakeholders on company strategy.


  • Managed and guided multiple teams through a successful launch of four concurrent products (B2C merchant aggregator, customer management system, order management system, delivery system) 
  • Designed, developed, and deployed the corporate website myself while also managing the development and product teams in order to ensure development remained focused on key objectives.
  • Identified niche market potential for the launch which has led to new opportunities for FANS Entertainment.
October 2015August 2016

Project Manager

PBSC Urban Solutions Inc.

PBSC Urban Solutions is a public bike share company at which I create, maintain, and close projects throughout the enterprise. My technical background established me as a strong resource able to work on any project within the company including complex multidisciplinary products consisting of software, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial design.


  • Organized and led a team to achieved PCI compliance for PBSC within 4 months of my arrival.
  • Organized the documentation in the company by leveraging my web programming skills to build an interactive wikipedia and web portal hub for both internal and external clients.
  • Was the key resource responsible for many of the R&D efforts within the company such as electric bikes.
  • Configured JIRA and introduced consistent accurate reporting of the software department. Organizing the software reports gave visibility to the velocity of the technology department for the non-technical leadership.
  • Organized the tax R&D credits and successfully led the company through an audit by ensuring that all submitted reports were backed by data generated from systems and processes which I designed to streamline the process.
  • Led strategy sessions for building a product roadmap.
  • Designed and planning the business intelligence module for internal and external clients.
  • Created plans and budgets up to 800k for various hardware projects such as Helmet Vending Machines and Electric Bikes. Approved budgets were kept as baseline and compared against actual spending to determine accuracy of initial estimates.
March 2014August 2015

Product Owner

Symbility Solutions Inc.

At Symbility the Product Owner is responsible for ensuring that the Product Releases meet the objectives of the Product Manager. The Product Owner is the person working directly with the Development & QA teams on a daily basis and is the key interface member to Product Management. By providing constant business tests throughout development to ensure that new features meet the objectives outlined in the design document, and by constantly grooming the backlog to ensure that the User Stories are prioritized and ready for estimating by the development teams, the Product Owner keeps the team organized and focused on the company objectives.


  • Wrote the design, worked on implementation, and led the team successfully through integration with 3rd party vendor Enservio ContentsExpress - was also the technical contact between both companies.
  • Key figure for the Assemblies feature, the most highly regarded new offering of  the last two years - wrote the design and performed major parts of the implementation. The Assemblies feature has helped generate revenue by securing new clients.
  • Localized the application for multiple countries and languages: Belgium, Netherlands, Poland,  Japan,  and New Zealand (English-NZ)
  • Led external consulting firm Facilité through a wide variety of enhancements to core product by being the key technical contact point and writing design documents.
  • Acted as Scrum Master for team as well to help provide vision on day-to-day tasks such as preparing User Stories and managing/dispatching defects to the team.
January 2013March 2014

Software Designer

Symbility Solutions Inc.


  • Written and supported over forty five design documents over the span of two years all platforms: Web, desktop, and mobile (Android and iOS)
  • Injected key ideas into designs such as Assignment Claim Structures which has generated interest above and beyond the initial requirements while keeping within the required effort estimates. The mentioned feature has since spawned multiple enhancements and has become core to the workflow of Symbility's UK partners.
  • Ensured the architecture and technical implementation was well documented and prepared in advance by doing research directly through the code due to my development background. This was of a direct benefit for technical features such as Estimate Types which dealt with production data migration, client-facing typing for the modular reporting system.
  • Able to provide UI and Graphical elements due to personal skill in pixel, vector, and photo manipulation software.
January 2012January 2013

Software Developer

Symbility Solutions


  • Implemented key front-facing UI elements, the login pages for the web, desktop, and mobile applications.
  • Helped port the desktop application to mobile devices (Android and iOS)
  • Wrote custom vector rendering engine to support windows based EMF (Enhance Meta File) vector graphics on mobile platforms.
  • Interpreted and remade windows signature technology for mobile platforms.  Parsed and deciphered the bytes in order to capture and render signatures in Microsoft proprietary formats.
  • Worked on over thirty projects of various magnitude and size using all available technology.


January 2011January 2012

Support and QA Specialist

Symbility Solutions Inc.

Provided level two support to clients and performed quality assurance testing as outlined by the test plans. Gave remote assistance as needed, and answered inquiries via phone and e-mail.


Functional QA

Babel Media

Provided functional quality assurance testing to video games through Babel, a third party company. Worked on many platforms including XBox, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, PC, Nintendo DS. Performed tests as outlined by the test plans as well as free-form testing and regression testing as needed. Provided additional feedback on game design, visuals, and audio.


Product Management

Agile, Leadership, Business / Product / Technical Analysis, Technical Writing, Technical Demonstrations, Sales


C# C++, ASP.NET, HTML/CSS, Javascript, JQuery, SQL



Vanier College

Centennial Regional High School