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My objective is to obtain an internship with Lockheed Martin to gain fundamental engineering experience with the possibility of this position leading to a full time career after graduation

add to cover letter 

to take a mech eng and apply it to areospace sys. and other areas of 

number count of keywords, map requirements

focused and clear about mech eng / what ever yhe job reqs are 

one of the jobs reqs is agile and used it in resume and was noted automatically

sell your education, talk about my expeirences in  

my summary i

initiative and drive personality , goals and keennes on making the world a better place , society better

proactive in leading , higher level performance, strong organizations and communication explain communication and feedback. troubleshooting skills would like to apply to my future work , show experiences from labs..etc.

pay attention to processes and certifications and iso and pay special attention to them in school...ttc,cam,sei,sei, sme,,ims,cmmi, lm, pira, 



  • Highly motivated and striving for excellence in various creative endeavors/projects
  • Excellent mental stamina and ability to stay focused over long working periods
  • Aptitude in creative/analytical problem solving
  • Detail-oriented, organized and a thorough planner
  • Sanguine personality with excellent communicative and interpersonal skills
  • Independent, proformance driven and innovative
  • Naturally energetic, compelling and productive
  • Great team player, work fabulously with others

Work experience

Mar 2014Apr 2016


International Motorsports

Led a team of motivated sales people to not only meet sales quotas, but break records and build a stronger company by gaining manufacture backing and support.

Mar 2008Aug 2014


Build Works Custom Solutions

 Worked with a small specialized team to renovate and remodel homes, gained experience in construction, demolition, framing, concrete, window installation, drywall, painting, and finishing. Handled customer service by providing explicit details on home design.

Mar 2012Aug 2014

Landscape designer

Arc of Light Landscaping 

 Researched Japanese zen gardens, sourced and designed layouts for customers while working independently to complete custom projects. Imported large decorative pieces and held close relations with customers to follow up and maintain their artistic gardens.

Oct 2006Jul 2012


f440 Racing Challenge Ltd


Responsible for a team of employees, safety, productivity, accounting, scheduling and training.

Able to prioritize and keep deadlines in order to optimize profits.

Able to keep stock of inventory, place orders, and source specialty items.

Highly experienced in customer service; able to deal with customers in a professional manner, resolve complicated situations, oversee exclusive corporate functions and large parties.

Led a team of skilled mechanics to maintain a large fleet of equipment.

Mechanically advanced, I can assemble and tune racing engines, as well as design, fabricate and weld.


education is more important for me in my resume !

list all my courses  , especially the ones i love in mech. braket it all off . dont need grades 


Langara College (Mechanical Engineering Transfer Program)                              Currently enrolled

South Delta Secondary School Graduated                                                                                      2011


South Delta Secondary School Football Golden Stick Award                                                      2011

South Delta Secondary School Rugby MVP Award                                                                       2010

South Delta Secondary School Achievement Award                                                                     2010

Red Cross Responsible Adult Certificate                                                                                         2006

Red Cross First Aid Certificate                                                                                                          2010

Food Safe                                                                                                                                              2010


South Delta Baptist Church                                                                                                     2006-2011

South Delta Recreation Center                                                                                                2004-2006

Open Course ware:

Auto Cad 2016                                                                                                        (Current Introductory)

Auto Desk Inventor Pro 2016                                                                               (Current Introductory)