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Nicholas Dettinger

Nicholas Dettinger


Holy Names Catholic High School 

Re: Business Leadership - Assistant CEO Posting 

Dear Mr. Leonardi, Acting Business Teacher

Holy Names Catholic High School under the Business department recently posted job applications for eager and confident students to fill. After examining the description for the responsibility of the Assistant CEO, I feel eager and confident that my abilities and experiences will fit the role and excel within it. Within the various environments I have been placed in I excel with mediation and understanding many topics and apply each. An example of these skills are demonstrated in my Maintenance position I have worked for two summers consecutively. While in the busy industrial floor I would regularly perform and guide floor press's, demolition,  and industrial painting projects. Additional examples can be seen in my volunteering experiences where I excel in multiple environments and contribute to the work force. 

Also, my creativity and experience with technology help spawn efficient and out side the box ideas. Recently after observing electrolysis I have constantly thinking of a way to harness clean hydrogen gas in everyday situations. For example; Hydrogen based heater for a home, efficient steam dynamo, and a makeshift vehicle using this fuel. I am confident that my experiences and skills would easily excel in the Assistant CEO position for the Knights Feud.   

For additional information about my skills I would suggest reading the attached Curriculum Vitae. I would welcome a one on one interview to better grasps my ability's and how they would excel in the position. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time.


Nicholas Dettinger  


Work History

Work experience


Nov 2014 - Sep 2015
Roma Club of Leamington

Waiter: Roma club of Leamington Leamington, ON.

Job description: Serving/preparing food for various events. Setting up halls for weddings and other formal celebrations. Additional responsibilities included designing and creating posters, and other advertisements for a wide variety of events.


Jul 2014 - Sep 2015
Advantage Engineering

Maintenance: Oldcastle, ON.

Job description: Lawn/Pond maintenance through a variety of techniques including; chemical preparation, high voltage machinery and pest control. Additional jobs throughout a regular work day included; operating and sanitation of floor machines, and industrial painting. 


Sep 2014 - Jan 2015
Co-operative Education

Forge Fitness Employee Student Forge Fitness Center Windsor, ON.

Sports training through an apprenticeship of a mobility trainer, Chris Arsaunalt. Which included training clients to each individual goal and also learning from hands on experience. Apprenticeship duties also entail keeping the forge clean and safe from hazards. While leaning acquitted techniques of power lifting to achieve maximum results.



Sep 2011 - Present
Holy Names Catholic High School

Currently entering my grade 12 year and maintaining a low eighty average.



Computer Abilities 

Proficient with - Google applications, Microsoft/Linux, Adobe AF/ PS, C++, Java, and basic command based programming.  

Human Interactions 

After apprenticing with a Mobility Trainer at the University of Windsor. I acquired the skills and abilities to both build business relationships and connecting with clients to achieve their goals.

Team Building

Over 10 years of traveling baseball experience. Including team motivation and team building, while also improving my physical ability and empathy towards others.

Efficiently Working

Molding and polishing parts in an efficient and meticulous manner while staying on top of deadlines.


- Travel Baseball                                - Server and community based media interaction

- Weight Lifting -                                -Hobby League Tournaments



Young Worker Awareness Program

Sep 2014 - Present
Dave Killham - Executive Director of Workers Health and Safety Centre

Health and Safety Awareness.


Easter Seals Telethon - November 2012   

- Fund raising for special needs children.

- Overlooking and assisting the broadcast.

- Creating and disassembling the stage.

Walker Homesites Athletics Club - July 2014  

- Mentoring youth about Baseball.

- Preparing and dissembling events for each child.


Frank Jeney                      Brian Sawyer              

Gym Manager                  Restaurant Manager              

University of Windsor     Roma Club of Leamington      

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