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Nicholas L. Bell

Apprentice Information Security Specialist 

Professional Profile

I am a passionate hard working individual who enjoys getting a job done right that I can be proud to say "I did this". I can work very well as part of a team along with being comfortable when tasked to work independently. I try to use my initiative throughout my day whether it be asking for a peer review of my work to double check for any kind of mistake or simply going out and finding additional work if I am ahead of schedule. Whilst also having a serious/professional approach to my work I am also very easy going and very approachable to simply talk to. I am very curious about all aspects of my role, I will normally want to break things down to its smallest components to see how something ticks so I can rebuild it. I am very efficient with my time keeping  I usually set my end goal ahead of schedule so I had the breathing room for worst case scenarios so I never miss a dead-line.

Work experience

Nov 2014Present

Apprentice Information Security Specialist


During my time within the QA apprenticeship, we have been exposed to multiple practical workshops such as malware analysis suites or honeypot building. whilst at the same time a level of theory work to take in all the course material.

I am also in the progress of studying for the Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) Exam

Jul 2014Oct 2014

Oven boy

Walkers Shortbread

The work was morning based. The usual day was revolved around putting large quantities of cake into industrial sized oven for cooking for about 2-3 hours depending on the batch, after this we would remove the cakes from the oven to be stripped of the tin case and any imperfections to be moved onto the packing sections.

During the periods the cakes were cooking I would be tasked with the decorating of special orders such as wedding cakes where I was able to take my time to make the design of the cake as good as it could possibly make them whilst also not falling behind on the orders.

Jun 2013May 2014

PADI Divemaster

Detay water sports & diving center

I originally started on an internship program to gain my qualifications within diving whilst at the same time working alongside the diving team and the captain aboard the boat to gain experience in all aspects of my field.

On a regular day I would start with opening up the center for clients from the neighboring hotel, moved directly onto setting up all the required gear for the days events in both diving and water sports such as fueling the boats, readying dive gear or even putting the jet skits into the water.

The morning usually revolved around diving and boat work from gearing people up on the beach to going diving with the group. 

The afternoon would either encompass selling not only to the English people but the Turkish, German and even the Russian people also. Over time I became more confident approaching the clients to sell whether it be diving or water sport activities.

Jun 2008May 2013


H&S Fencing contractors

My role entailed long hard hours out in the country side thinking for myself on how to tackle each stage of a job. The jobs that I was exposed to on a regular basis were things such a building fences that covered acres of land, cutting down trees or planting trees.

I was able to work as a member of a team to battle any obstacles that challenged us whilst also being comfortable when I was required to work independently. 

I would just into my work with great enthusiasm whilst also keeping my composure to get the job done to the best of my ability and taking my time to get the job done right.


Nov 2014Feb 2015

12 week information security training


each week I was exposed to different areas of information security;


Malware Analysis

Penetration Testing



Being some of the major areas which I covered over the course, we not only got a full course on each section lead by a well versed instructor for each section but also being exposed to practical work such as being asked to build honeypots or using metasploit to exploit pre-configured virtual machines within the classroom environment to give a full understanding of how these powerful tools actually work.

Jun 2013Oct 2013

PADI - Divemaster


PADI Open Water 

During my course to become a PADI Divemaster I had to do additional exercises along with lower courses to work my way up. My first course was the PADI Open Water course where I had to take full control over myself under the water whilst also diving down to a maximum of 18 meters, through this course I learned about pressure along with safety stops in diving.

PADI Advanced Open Water

My second level within PADI was PADI Advanced Open Water, through this course I had to undertake 5 "Adventure Dives" to help improve my diving skills with the 5 dives being;

Deep dive

Peak performance buoyancy

Underwater navigation

Wreck dive

Boat dive

PADI Rescue Diver

This course revolved around helping other divers or how to respond in emergency scenarios such as lost unconscious underwater diver, first aid on the surface, In the event of shoot up, panic diver. 

PADI Emergency First Response 

This was land based where I was shown how to perform first aid, through chest compression's, 100%  oxygen use and the ability to operate a defibrillator.

PADI Divemaster

The final course entailed becoming a professional working level recreational diver where I was trained on teaching children, helping beginners during dive along with assisting instructor lead courses and even becoming the dive leader for experienced divers.

Every course had an aspect of classroom based learning with final exams at the end whilst also doing practical swimming along with other water based tests.

Aug 2012Apr 2013

Higher - European Computing Drivers Licence (ECDL)

Moray College

Level 1 - IT Security for users

Level 1 - IT users fundamentals

Level 1 - E-mail

Level 1 - Internet

Level 2 - Database software

Level 2 - Presentation software 

Level 2 - Spreadsheet software

Level 2 - Word processing software

Aug 2011Apr 2012

Intermediate - Drama

Elgin High School

Level A - Intermediate 2

Aug 2011Apr 2012

Intermediate - History

Elgin High School

Level C - Intermediate 2

Aug 2011Apr 2012

Intermediate - English

Elgin High School

Level C - Intermediate 2

Aug 2011Apr 2012

Intermediate - Mathematics

Elgin High School

Level C - Intermediate 1

Aug 2010Apr 2011

Intermediate - Art & Design

Elgin High School

Level C - Intermediate 1

Aug 2010Apr 2011

Standard Grade - Modern Studies

Elgin High School

Level 3 - General level

Aug 2010Apr 2011

Standard Grade - Chemistry

Elgin High School

Level 4 - General level

Aug 2010Apr 2011

Standard Grade - Geography

Elgin High School

Level 4 - General level

Aug 2010Apr 2011

Standard Grade - German

Elgin High School

Level 5 - General level



I can read, write and speak to a basic level of German through both school and German speaking friends


I can have basic conversations and can understand small amounts of the Russian language through my time spent in Turkey where I had to adopt the Russian language to speak to clients.


I can read, write and have conversations in the Turkish language. I picked up the language through Turkish speaking friends along with my time spent working and living with the Turkish people


English is my native language which I can read, write and have full conversations without any kind of trouble

Additional assignments

within my new field of information security I have been given the opportunity to work with and even build some incredibly powerful tools such as 

Cuckoo sandbox

Cuckoo is a malware analysis kit that uses multiple dependencies that all need to be configured to work in tandem so that cuckoo can work. basically cuckoo takes any string of malware given to it, opens it up within a virtual environment to be run so that it can be fully analysed whilst the user can see what the malware can really do to a system, once it has finished running it will create a report with screenshot within the sandbox environment of what truly happened.

At the same time of building the sandbox environment with all of its dependencies I also had to write a report on what Cuckoo sandbox is and a how to build cuckoo document with screenshots of every step.

Palo Alto Firewall

I was assigned to take a new out of the box Palo Alto firewall the PA-200 and work with another individual to configure the device to act at both a layer 2 and 3 level firewall with also adding in policies for blocking or allowing specific webpages or data to be passed through the device whilst at the same time writing a report on our findings 


                                                      SCUBA Diving                                                                                          Hardware
                                                      Rock Climbing                                                                                        Reverse-Engineering
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                                                      Swimming                                                                                               Gaming