Over 10 years experience in sports, leading and delivering positive results across a wide variety of organisations.  A strong professional background combined with a history of leading success.  

A calm head when dealing with a huge range of issues, but an excited leader who will challenge the status quo and lead towards success.

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2011 - Present

Commercial and Communications Director 

Oman Football Association

Leading the Commercial development of an ambitious Association.  Building revenue streams and establishing modern practices to deliver the growth required.

Jul 2007 - Aug 2010

Chief Executive - Edinburgh Rugby

Scottish Rugby Union


    • Preparation of Annual Strategic Plan for presentation to Board of Scottish Rugby, and delivery on same.
    • Management of all commercial activities including sponsorship, ticketing, hospitality and other income generation.  Management of budget of circa £5m.
    • Management of all key relationships – including Player and Coaching group, Media, Sponsors and Commercial Partners and relationship with owner body  Scottish Rugby Union (all departments – incl Ticketing, Commercial, Marketing, Facilities).
    • Preparation of annual Marketing and Commercial Plans and delivery of key targets therein 
    • Development of City relationships – including Council towards development of new stadium.
    • Management of all operational activities – including legal, finance, staff development and performance and match day.  Preparation and delivery of Match day event.  


    • Successful launch of new brand (post Club purchase).  Including integration with Scottish Rugby (from private owner), review of staffing structure and other systems.  Leading to reduction of central Scottish Rugby funding of the Club – in line with Strategic targets.
    • Implementation of successful marketing and commercial plans.  Delivering significant growth in attendances (including the 3 highest ever league crowds achieved for the Club), Season Ticket growth of over 50% and 100% increase in Commercial revenue including introduction of new sponsors.  Introduced the 1872 Cup concept to maximise revenue from available assets – resulted in 300% growth in key game revenue.  
    • Management and recruitment of two distinct coaching teams delivering 2 successive record league finishes whilst controlling player budget costs to minimum increase.  35 out of 36 man squad Scotland qualified in line with target – was the highest proportion in the league.
    • Development of a large community and partnership network to drive future growth.  Management of integration with Scottish Rugby departments to increase resource allocated to Edinburgh Rugby.


  • Took the Club to its highest point in three successive seasons. Delivered record breaking success for the Club and learnt further lessons as to how to implement similar success at any future employer.
  • Managed and delivered as part of a large team, in a large corporate environment.  Following on from previous role, delivered in two wildly different environments – showing the ability to adapt and to drive success no matter the conditions.
  • Experience and contact base has widened both in industry and scope, proving the capacity to deal with new challenges.  Ability to network and develop contacts in a new sport at the highest level.
  • Presentations made to many diverse corporate bodies – Scottish Rugby Union Board, Council members (in relation to new ground options), and sponsors.  Good communication skills that would be easily transferable to a new employer.
  • From a “ground zero” point for the Club, proved able to rebuild an organisation in a short period of time and shown again ability to “self start”.  These efforts included integration with the large Scottish Rugby workforce and creation of significant synergies to maximise return from staff.
  • In particular the skills that have developed further in this role - 
    • Brand and Club Development.
    • Media Training – provided and on the job.
    • Delivery in a structured environment – including attainment of KPI’s and management of policy and procedure.
Jan 2002 - Dec 2006

Chief Executive

Harlequins Rugby League


  • Preparation of annual Business Plan and Monthly reporting to Board of Directors on Company performance.
  • Implementation and Management of Sales and Marketing strategy.
  • Management of relationships with key Corporate Partners including Commercial and Media Partners (e.g. Sky TV, BBC, Metro Newspaper) and Liaison with the sport’s governing body and government agencies.
  • Development of Club Strategic Partnerships and management of Key Stakeholder relationships.
  • Management of circa 50 staff, responsibility for marketing, commercial, financial, and administrative staff.  Goal setting, reporting and review.
  • Management of budget of circa £3m.
  • Growth of Rugby League from a minority sport in London.


  • Design and negotiation of an innovative partnership with the world famous Harlequins Rugby Union club.
  • Project management of the Brand Launch, and the implementation of a phenomenally successful Sales and Marketing Strategy.  
  • Reduction of the annual loss from £1.8m to £0.5m to enable the Company to continue in existence; managing the sale of the Club from the Virgin Group to new owners.
  • Leading the Club to 2 appearances in the end of season playoffs.Increase of grass roots to deliver growth from 10 to over 200 school teams playing the sport.


  • I showed the ability to cope with extreme and diverse pressure situations.  With particular skill in development of Public and private sector relationships in challenging times.
  • With minimal training, I became the “face” of the Club for many tough media assignments, and showed great competence in dealing with same.
  • I proved a very competent self starter.
  • I showed great flexibility and commitment.  
  • The ability to remain focused on the task in hand despite myriad problems will enable me to cope with many diverse future problems.
Sep 1998 - Dec 2001

Commercial Director

London Broncos Ltd
Jan 1998 - Jul 1998

Sports Audit

Philip Morris
Apr 1997 - Jan 1998

Operational Project Manager

J Sainsbury's Plc
Dec 1992 - Apr 1997


Ernst & Young


Jun 1993 - Jun 1996

Chartered Accountancy Qualification

Institute of Chartered Accountants
Sep 1988 - Jun 1992


Loughborough University
Sep 1983 - Jun 1987

High School

Millfield School



Income Generation

Over 10 years worth of annual sales and marketing planning - delivering year on year increase on annual basis.  I have been responsible for sponsorship generation, season ticket annual campaigns, and year round ticket sales promotion.  As well as management of all ancillary income streams - merchandise / corporate / hospitality / match day miscellaneous / affinity and other.

Club Management

I have managed three separate clubs in two different sports (both at the highest possible elite level) in two different countries.  Under my stewardship both clubs experienced good levels of growth on a consistent basis and achieved record results right across the Club.  Each challenge has its own unique issues to deal with, and I achieved this growth whilst also managing a huge variety of difficult scenarios.   I have experience of management of playing and coaching group (and agents), back office staff, key government and partner relationships, and all financial matters.

Building Growth

My core skill is in building the blocks of a Club that will deliver long term (and sustainable) success.  In order to deliver this, exceptional skills are required in leading staff, preparing and delivering on plans, and in generating the necessary levels of publicity, awareness, income and attendance.     These skills also include management of key relationships - internal and external.


I am a fully qualified Chartered Accountant (with first time passes at Ernst & Young - one of the "Big 4").  I have a sound knowledge of financial management and have been responsible for managing finance functions throughout my career.