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Work experience


Murray state university
Jan 2006Feb 2008



I was hired by Jennefer mathis who owns the restarunt. I did vereas duties such as prep food, cook, clean up and at times cater to the custemers persinaly. I worked at this job for two years untill i became ill and had to go tend to some medical issues. My time forking at Dumplins i had impoved my listning and custemer service skilles cinsiderebly. I have been tested working in the resteraund by custemers complaining about food but i never raIXSED MY VOICE OR COMPLAIND. I would smile and say " im sorry for the inconveniance, is there anything i can do to fix this? " ...i am able to handle even the hardestn costemer and go above and beyond to resov the issue.



murray state uneversity


My name is natalia humecke, i am a very honest, hard working, and precise mother and student. i am currently attending Murray State University and plan on double majoring in Markeing and Social Work.When i am gevin a job to to i will go  out of my way to do all that i can to get the job done to the best of my ability and if i do posses the meterials to get my job done  I WILL FIND A WAY to obtain what i need. I am a great people person and can handle any stressfull setuation to the best of my ability witch requires making a custemer happy any way i can in a professuional standerd.  



I am intwerested in coming up with new ideas and designs to anvertice new producys and inhace old products.


my objective is to find a job that makes me happy and that injoy doinmg suchs as marking products and coming up with ideas for those ads.


designing ads
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