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Work experience

Jan 2009Jul 2010

Food Service Director

Arbor Management

Created the Dinner Club. A student food committee which students volunteered their input for menus and promotions. The students were awarded ownership of the committee and elected officers. These  students would meet once a month during lunch and vote on functions related to food services.

The dynamics behind this concept is that the student uses their peer pressure and wording to communicate the benefits or substance of the promotion or meal.

Jul 1999May 2001

Food Service Director

Twelve Oaks Catering

Opened as a new account for Twelve Oaks Catering. Transformed the student dining facility to a warm and inviting atmosphere. Refined the back of the house through employee relocation and staff training. Achieved forecasted budgets with profitable returns in each fiscal year. Provided meals to campus residents three times a day/seven days a week. Introduced and administered a campus Quiznos franchise. Coordinated and served special events, themed activities and  catering for the Office of Advancement and the University President.

Apr 1998May 1999

General Manager

Bruegger's Bagels

Managed total establishment. Performed daily functions including; cash controls, inventory, reports, scheduling, hiring, firing, and promotions. Baked fresh kettle boiled bagels on a stone hearth. Responsibilities included securing the premises, safety and sanitation, and coordinating all orders with outside vendors.

Feb 1997Mar 1998


Culinaire International

Managed  staff and operations for concessions on shows of up to 60,000 people. Supervised multiple food courts and kiosks during events. Designed service stations for ultimate traffic flows and directed staff in assembly and dismantling of courts  during  concurrent events of  shows. Worked a formal banquet for 13,000 guests for an anniversary party. Opened and managed a new food court producing $35,000 per day in sales.

Aug 1984Nov 1995

Food Service Director


Introduced  contract management to four multi-unit accounts which were self-operated. Revamped operations from ground up implementing new marketing and merchandising. Implemented  employee training and development workshops, weekly manager's meetings, and employee reviews. Prepared budgets, forecasts, audits, period and annual reports. Established scratch cooking at Palestine I.S.D. while bringing cost awareness to employees. Increased meal counts at each school district through marketing, customer service, and employee training. Increased revenues through multi-tasking, free breakfast programs, Head Start, and increased ala carte sales.


Sep 1995Aug 1997

Bachelor of Science

University of Maryland


          My work ethic, beliefs and values are absolute  and will  never be  compromised. As a manager, my responsibilities are to lead, inspire, and motivate my staff. I take pride in teaching a subordinate a better way, which enables that person to prosper which ultimatley  rewards the organization. Human capital is the most valuable asset of an organization. I am entrusted with that commodity, empowered with those resourses, and that is the key to attaining organizational goals and objectives.

          There is a high correlation between employee relations and customer service. My committment is to exceed a customer's expectations. To acheive that goal takes internal marketing. Employee input is critical because opinions due matter and having a culture of satisfied employees is the foundation for success.

        I am passionate about  my work and have a great track record of reorganization, implementing new processes, and building strong programs. My objective is to be part of a proggresive company which I can contribute my skills and knowledg.


Jon Jones

To Whom It May Concern:

John Burton worked for Twelve Oaks Catering from June 1999 to May 2001. John joined our company to bring his previous foodservice experience to the development of original programs at Twelve Oaks Catering as we branched into a new area of foodservice. John took over as Foodservice Director at our first collegiate campus and was responsible for several outlets, including the main dining room and catering, during the two years he spent with us.

Being the first time our company had taken on this type of foodservice, John was challenged to create the structure of our new operation and succeeded at this goal. Another challenge John faced was the opening of a nation franchised sandwich operation as one of the operations he supervised. Although, he didn't have much time to get up to speed on the concept, he successfully opened and operated this dining venture. Forging relationships across the campus was an important component in the success of the catering operation and John did well in this mission.

I personally enjoyed the time John spent with the company and he proved to be a valuable asset and sounding board for me as we covered new business ground.


Jonathan  Jones

President, Twelve Oaks Catering LC

George Neophotus

        John Burton has asked me to write a letter on his behalf. I'm happy to do it.

        John has been my manager for two years. During that time he has worked in all restaurant departments.

       John has actually been with me for five years, the first three years in the kitchen. As his supervisor, I've had a chance to see him in operations on a daily basis.

       He understands the basic principles of operating a restaurant and knows how to apply them to almost any kind of situation. He learns quickly and has always been highly self-motivated.

     John works well with other people. He tends to be quiet and self-contained,  but has never failed to contribute ideas and goodwill for the restaurant.

     I can recommend him to a prospective employer without reservation.


I enjoy playing golf and play to about a 10 handicap.

It's important to live a long and healthy life. To attain that goal I work out an hour each day.

I like to read history, particularly presidential biographies.


In any operation, particularly in quick service, the lines need to move at a prescribed rate. Whether that is with a finite or infinite population. Customer's behavior is determined by the movement of the line. Any bottleneck in the line is an obstacle. The employees movements must be efficient and precise. A continous flow of operations is critical in customer service. I have always prided myself in delivering on-time.