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Nhi Nguyen

A committed and hard-working young person with a strong work ethic, strong desire to succeed in any role. Seeking to work in an environment that will challenge me further while allowing me to contribute to the success of the organization.


Full name: Nguyen Thi Phuong Nhi

Date of birth : May 19th, 1997
Mobile : 01203249790
Email :

Currently working as Teaching assistant at ILA Vietnam

Position I am applying for: 

  • Interpreter


Jul 2015Present

Major: English linguistics

Ton Duc Thang university


Work History

May 2016now

Teaching Assistant

ILA Vietnam
April 2016


Smart Study Abroad Events

EDUFINDME is an education network created to help talented students and quality institutions find one another on a global level.

April 2016 


Woori Vietnam

Among all the fairs I have ever participated in as an interpreter , this event probably my most favorite one since I have always been aspiring to go to Canada to pursue higher level of education.

March 2016 

Fair Assistant

Sunrise Vietnam
March 2016


Capstone Vietnam
Feb 2016Mar 2016


Duc Anh Student recruitment company
Feb 2014Jul 2014


Project Sugar

Back to when I was in 11th grade, a friend of my has recommended me to join "Project Sugar" to help out those with disability. In more detail, Project Sugar is a Community Involvement Project, organized by young volunteers from Singapore and Vietnam. Sugar dedicates to working with children with

special needs to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of the HIV/AIDS, Disability and Human Trafficking victims. By taking part in the voluntary team, we are divided into several groups with different tasks to be accomplished like searching for sponsorship,creating games, buying gifts, and so on.Nevertheless,what is worth mentioning is that no matter what mission it is, all the volunteers tried all their best to work towards the same purpose-helping disabled and disadvantaged people enjoy good times together.

Feb 2014Mar 2014

Interpreter and Volunteer Marketing assistant.

Capstone Vietnam

It was 2 years ago when I was in high school.At that time, I was working as a volunteer in the "Spring 2014 StudyUSA Higher Education Fair in Ho Chi Minh city". I have got a lot of experiences and memorable reminiscences by joining the fair and I was truly grateful for such opportunity.

Nov 2013Jan 2014


American Center of U.S Cosulate General in Ho Chi Minh city

This is the very first English speaking activity that I got chosen to participate in for the period of 2 months long


This is where memories are stored.

I would love to get the chance to be an Interpreter.

 All the candidates who apply for this position deserve to be selected because if they dare to challenge themselves, they surely get something unique which others may not. Therefore, I am not going to demonstrate the reason why I should be chosen over someone else. In my opinion, some of my own skills and personality can somehow meet the requirements quite well. From what I could glean from examining your website and similar jobs, you are probably looking for the following strengths in every candidate.Firstly, since I have worked as an interpreter for some Education fairs in the past, I might have a bit of experience, savvy and superior communication ability to be an asset to your company. Secondly, I am a responsible and reliable person. On time performance is a colossal thing for me.However,I am flexible with the operation needs at the same time. Moreover, nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.I love this job and highly desire to get more experience from doing it. Due to the fact that my faculty is English linguistics, so it is always the best thing for me to work at an English speaking environment. I will therefore improve myself even more as time flies.I will not only have chance to practice English but also can work with the professors who will not be any reluctant to give me useful advice.As a lifelong learner, I will put myself in best efforts to master the skill-sets required for the job. Moreover, as I am now doing the part time job as a Teaching assistant at ILA Vietnam, I believe such that thing will somehow set me apart from other candidates by my own experiences dealing with parents and students .Finally,by joining the teaching assistant team, it will continuously teach me something new about people, about cooperation, compassion and about myself. In helping others, I am reminded that we are all in this together and we need to remember to support each other.Life has so much to offer if we remember to look beyond ourselves.