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Ever since I was a little boy I’ve been interested in computers, since the age of three I’ve had a fascination at the inner and outer workings of laptops and computers alike. One of my closest memories was when I was four years old, I walked in my grandfathers computer room and saw him sitting cross-legged on the floor he had taken apart his computer I sat down and watched, he showed me what each part was for and what it did for the computer, it began there in that room my fascination. As I grew I expanded my knowledge of computers and at the age of ten had taken apart and successfully put one back together, I had a plan, I wanted to be the best at computers I could be and so I researched and grew not just in age but in intelligence now the year is 2010 I am seventeen and I know what I want to do, I want to become a computer programmer. 


Computer Programming

Columbus Community College
Aug 2004Present




Creative Talent
Computer Skills
  Microsoft Office Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 Microsoft Office Word 2003 Microsoft Works Microsoft Works Database Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Microsoft Works Word Processor Windows Movie Maker Notepad  

Work experience


Wahinis, Bar and Grill
Aug 2009Present

Computer Assistant