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Thai Sanh Hoang Nhat

Owner of The Foxx Outdoor Shop



Starting my own business with my own capital has taught me to always consider increasing the efficiency in resource allocation. This also provided reality experience to studying things under several perspectives.

Having recognized the differences between academic education and reality preventing me from accepting things quickly but a skeptical mind : straight forward, powerful, supportive, disciplined and reliable.

Work experience


Director Assistant

Do Gia Trade Ltd. Comapany

This small-sized trade company is the biggest seal groups supplier in the south of Vietnam. I assist the director with several processes like communicating with customers, negotiating with producing factories via emails, warehousing, delivery, documents etc. Despite the title I feel equal and comfortable with other members in the company



The Foxx Outdoor Shop

I have already established several topics on forums and online shops before but The Foxx Outdoor Shop is the one I put most of my efforts in and I also currently running it.

I have started my online business since 2008 mostly with outdoor products. In my opinion E-commerce in Vietnam should be considered since 2002. At the point of 2008 I inherited the result of e-commerce development. It was a boom year for online trading.

The e-commerce activities as well as offline activities of running a shop have provided me a lot of experience in informal retailing and wholesaling, and also skills and knowledge in transporting and maintaining the relationship with customers.

You can visit my shop here:



Bachelor in External Economics 

Foreign Trade University


Computer skills