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-Has a desire to do well


-Shows a willingness to undertake additional work

-Constantly seeks to improve



Mr Cheong Edwin

Xiao Hui has been a dedicated and committed prefect for the school since Sec 1. She has a natural ability to lead and has consistently performed well beyond expectations in whatever capacity that's she has.

She has a friendly disposition and an outgoing personality. Xiao Hui has proven herself to be a very dependable Prefect. She can be counted on to deliver. She volunteers readily and takes on more than the normal workload without any complains or grudges.

Miss Chia Junice

Xiao Hui has showed a desire to do well in her studies. She is persevering and displays great enthusiasm. She has a positive attitude to work, is highly motivated and shows a willingness to undertake additional work. She has contributed to class discussions, was alert and responsive in lesions and shows a genuine interest in her work. She reads widely and demonstrates a good command of the English Language and her writings show maturity of thought and an imaginative flair.


Jan 2005Oct 2008

Hougang Secondary School


Distinguished Service Award

Hougang Secondary School

2010 YOG Open Space Forum


Certificate of Participation

Halogen Foundation

Nacli Certificate of Attendance


HS STARS Award (Gold)

Hougang Secondary School