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I'm 26. I learned University at a school that not relate to coding. But it's my passion when I'm at secondary school. I learned C, C-Sharp by self-study before but I give up halfway with a bad method, not enough motivation, money pressure ... For a long time, I'm a tutor, teach math in my extra class at home and manage a transporting service. I always ask myself: "Do you have a right choice?"

Now, although I'm not young but I think this is the exactly time to turn back with coding, I belive that with my burning passion, if I have a good teacher, good method and good enviroment, I will become a good programmer.

Work experience


Tutor and teach at extra class

At Home

I began a tutor when I went to University. Now, I open some extra classes at home.

Jul 20142015


At Home

Our service is transporttting goods from US to VN. My part is advice and order for custommers.




Collage of Education - Hue University.


Collage of Education - Hue University.