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Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Senior Manager - IT and Administration

AIC Financial Group Ltd

Responsible for all IT functions for the Group, including Information Security, NetworkManagement, Disaster Recovery, Business Systems Support, Desktop Support. Also responsiblefor all Administration functions for the Group, including General Administration encompassingadministrative assistants, courier services, General Office Management; Premises Administrationincluding premises security and maintenance; and all aspects of HR Administration.KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS

  • Developed strategic plan for reducing recurring operating expenses a further 20% over prior year
  • Involved in all aspects of delivering an in-house application to handle FX order management, from planning and design, to development, testing and implementation.
  • Restructured teams to ensure proper succession planning while streamlining operations to maximize department productivity.
  • Reviewed and re-engineered Administration policies and procedures in order to improve customer service delivery.
Nov 2006Aug 2008

Senior Manager - IT

AIC Financial Group Ltd

Responsible for all IT functions for the Group, including Information Security, NetworkManagement, Disaster Recovery, Business Systems Support, and Desktop Support as part of theSenior Management Team of AICFG. Also responsible for development and implementation ofGroup IT Policies and Procedures, Group IT Strategic Planning, and teaming with Business Unitsin Support and Revenue areas to identify and implement opportunities for driving OperationalEfficiency, and Data Integrity. Prepared Board submissions reporting on progress against Business Plan deliverables, managed relationships with external software and hardware vendors,and renegotiated SLAs to ensure highest value returns per dollar spent.KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS

  • Reporting to CEO, managed budget of Group IT Division and reduced annual recurring expenditure by over 20%.
  • Developed Change Management policy and procedures for the Group.
  • Introduced proactive network monitoring and management framework.
  • Redesigned network architecture with a view to disaster recovery preparedness and maintaining 99% availability.
  • Managed critical server failure without any data loss and minimal downtime.
Jul 2004Nov 2006

Senior Business Analyst

AIC Financial Group Ltd

Project Lead for implementation of all systems as required by the Group. Responsiblefor identifying and implementing initiatives to improve efficiency within the Operationsand IT Department, as well as the Group at large. Key lead for managing externaltechnology solution vendors.KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS

  • Implemented Core Banking systems for the startup company.
  • Co-ordinate/conducted training end users in the use of implemented banking applications.
  • Created technical and end-user documentation for banking applications.
  • Worked with department heads to identify gaps in operating policies and procedures and to ensure effective closure of these gaps.
  • Worked with Business stakeholders to identify technological requirements for the support of existing and improving operating procedures.
  • Analyzed business processes and policies to develop and implement workflows and solutions to support new products, and/or improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity of the Group.
Dec 1999Jul 2004


The Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd


  • As a member of Technical Advisory Committee, assisted in developing and implementing processes within the PeopleSoft applications to satisfy both business and Infrastructure requirements.
  • Instrumental in the design, testing and implementation of Financial applications to manage the following:

o Group Financial Reporting for Risk Management and the Financial Comptroller

o General Ledger

o Asset Management

o Accounts Payable

o Human Resource Management


Sep 1995May 1999


Trinity College

Research, Design and Analysis; Data Modelling; Programming and Development


Herb Phillips

Balu Ramamurthy

Judy Lake

Wendell Mitchell


I am seeking an IT Management position to leverage my skill in maximizing operational efficiency while reducing operating costs; an opportunity to develop a customer-service oriented IT Department that is business-focused and assists in driving profitability.

I have over 10 years of experience in IT, with over 7 years in bridging IT and Business within International Financial Services organizations, with a track record of consistently driving results through effective communication and change management.

In Project Management consulting positions, I employ a thorough Change Management process to maintain the highest standard or work. I use my excellent communication skills to provide on time product delivery, to ensure requirements are clearly and effectively communicated, and to ensure satisfaction at project completion.

Core Competencies

  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Change Management
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Team Building
  • Budget Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Project Management
  • Policy Development
  • Cost Management


Change Management

A Change Management strategy, properly deployed, is the key to driving an organization from continual fire-fighting mode to continuous and measurable improvement. The key is to ensure that Change Management is suited to the environment in which it is deployed. For it to be effective, it has to be appropriate, and should be neither so cumbersome as to frustrate the process nor so weak as to be disregarded.


Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful business. This by no means is intended to imply that a successful company needs every member of staff fully apprised of every mundane detail of planning and running the company, but management must be trained to continually use exceptional communication skills to faciliate

  • Management of expectations - what must be delivered and when
  • Shaping common goals and vision - what is the company trying to accomplish and what role do the different stakeholders play
  • Building trust and reputation

With these successfully in place, a company can effectively manage risk, increase efficiency and achieve customer satisfaction.


A positive attitude is more valuable than technical training. Anyone can be trained. A positive attitude will allow to exceed expectations - others and your own.


Herbert Phillipps Former Director - AIC Financial Group

During the time that I have known

Nicole, I have seen her demonstrate

strength of character and a winning

attitude. She is a charismatic leader

with excellent communication and

motivational skills, under whose

guidance individual team members

are encouraged to grow to meet their full potential. She is well-

respected by her peers and is a

pleasure to work with.

Philroy Phillip Account Manager - Columbus Communications I have had the pleasure working with Nicole Greene for the past 3 years.She has demonstrated the utmost professionalism, integrity and sincerity during our corporate relationship. Suzette James Account Manager - Illuminat Nicole is known to me as a professional with attention to detail.Her very pleasing personality andhigh level of professionalismtogether with her desire for resultshas served her well as she developed good business relationships with the ILLUMINATSales and Technical teams.