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Academic 1990: Graduated in Veterinary Medicine - UFU 2000 - Law Degree-UFU Specialization • Course on Animal Reproduction - University of Cordoba, Spain • Participation in National Meeting of the procedural. Language Courses: • Certificate of proficiency in Spanish middle-University of Salamanca-Instituto Cervantes. • Intermediate English Course • Basic course in German

Experience • CIVIL AND CRIMINAL LAW-AREA, AND TAX MATTERS • Legal Assistance to internal FALE (Foundation Luke the Evangelist) - People with HIV. Litigation experience in over 50 cases (State Jurisdiction) in civil and criminal courts. About 40 cases (Federal Jurisdiction) in the areas of tax, social security, civil and criminal. Professor of Administrative Law and Tax Preparation Course Approved tender-Limeira-SP

PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVESDevelopment of serious work, always seeking a plausible goal and objective, with criteria of competence and trustworthiness.


Feb 1996Jan 2000

Universidade Federal de Uberlândia
Jan 1986Jan 1990