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Organization and Time Management
The retail world is fast paced and often requires constant adjustments in response to things like workload, changing promotions, shipment, schedule changes and product sell through. In order to maximize emerging business opportunities it is imperative that my time management and organizational skill are well tuned. The beginning of the week is all about strategically planning and sizing my schedule to meet the needs of my business, minimize interruption of customer service and maintaining productivity of employees.
To give their best every day, employees need to feel they have a stake in the overall success of the store. Employee engagement results in part from understanding the company’s direction and the significance of their individual role in helping the store reach its goals. I recognize that employee engagement is a key driver of organizational effectiveness and workforce performance. Therefore, I ensure that every employee and manager understands-and is engaged in-achieving the stores goals.   I assist my managers to drive any needed change, empower them to lead through change, and encourage them to come up with alternative ideas if what we are doing is ineffective. During management meetings I effectively communicate focused messages with defined performance objectives, while delivering clear, consistent messages that keep our business strategies simple.   By frequently measuring management and employee satisfaction, commitment to the organization, pride, and support, I have an accurate and current assessment of their commitment and contribution to the success of the store and company.
Effective Team Building/Recruiting
I believe talent is a critical ingredient to achieving excellence. The ability to strategically assess the talent I have—and the talent I need—is imperative for me to meet and exceed the goals set forth by my company. Therefore I make it a point to find, develop, and promote talent that is aligned with the characteristics of the job, role, and organizational success requirements. In addition to the traditional job posting, one practice I have found that works well and often use is by enabling my current staff to actively participate in the hiring process. I network through them to find potential candidates who are then screened and interviewed. Although this somewhat limits my pool of candidates, I favor this approach because the employees that assist in the hiring process feel partially responsible for the success of the new hire and by doing this I maximize both individual fit, and store performance.
Management and Staff Development
Developing leaders is a vital investment and an important step in ensuring continued growth for my store. I must continually identify, develop, nurture and retain my leaders and staff in order to build the team I need. I give them the coaching, perspectives, skills, and tools they need in order to take the next step forward in their careers. I do this by goal setting and establishing expectations, coaching for improved results, providing feedback, conducting performance reviews, and planning for individual development.

Work experience

Jun 2010Present

Store Manager

Pacific Sunwear

Oversee and manage all aspects of $1.8M teen fashion apparel store. Implemented new training tools to ensure proper training and motivation of staff leading to higher retention rates and increased sales. One of few store managers with ability to consistently create functional schedules while still adhering to company's challenging payroll matrix.  

  • Implemented new daily procedures for more efficient management communication and productivity
  • Improved comp sales from -14% to +7% within 6 months of taking over store
  • Developed interactive relationships with leaders both inside and outside the four walls of my store
  • Recognized for exceeding goals as well as establishing, conveying, and implementing vision to improve store performance
  • Promoted four team members to positions of higher management over the past year
Jul 2009Jun 2010

Store Manager


Earned promotion to store manager from co-manager after 2 months being with the company. Repalced 100% of store team after taking over in order to reduce shrink and increase sore productivity. Scope of management accountability included sales performance, focusing on growth and profitability, customer satisfaction, merchandising standards, store operations, and the training and development of the entire staff.

  • Recruited, hired, developed management and associates to fill store profile and succession planning
  • Partnered with both District Manager and Regional Loss Prevention Manager to develop action plans that led to shrink reduction of more than 2%
  • Frequently analyze sales figures and forecasting future sales in order to ensure proper store coverage and payroll compliance
  • Planned and lead overhaul of entire backroom in order to increase productivity speed, functionality, and reduce chance of shrink
Jul 2006Jul 2009

Associate Manager

Pacific Sunwear

Assumed role of store manager when necessary. Modified time lines and work schedules according to store and company needs. Utilize all assets and resources available, maximizing employee productivity and performance to achieve corporate goals and objectives. Designed tools used for ease of tracking and documenting employee performance compared to that of company standards. Build talented, diverse sales team by overseeing all aspects of hiring including recruiting, screening, interviewing, selecting, and training employees.

  • Maintain all daily operations of a $2M apparel/accessory store to company standard
  • Consistently completed work schedules 2 weeks in advance to minimize changes and ensure proper floor coverage and task completion
  • Implemented new ways to motivated educate staff about brands & merchandise
  • Initiated ideas that would retain core staff and make a more positive workplace
  • Selected to assist in several store reopenings


Innovative, high-energy management professional with more than 10 years experience in the demanding ever changing retail industry. Skilled in planning, organization development, and routine retail management combined with talent and passion for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, directing and supervising staff. Recognized team building, mentoring and leadership skills as well as retaining talent and achieving goals. Strong focus on time-management through prioritizing, multitasking, communication, and delegation.