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Friendly, hard working...are my strong points. With 6  years experience in software testing, I always try to improve my self more and more, both of specialize and communication skills to make more effective in working.



Bachelor of Software Engineering

FPT University

I learn all about Software Engineering in hear, both of programming and testing. But finally, I realize that I Iove testing. This is motivation why I always complete every jobs.

Work History

Jul 2014Present

QA Lead


- Discuss with customers to make requirement more clearly.
- Work closely with development team from multiple location.
- Use Test Case Management with TFS to manage all test cases, test report and test plan.
- Create test plan, test cases, test report, execute test and support UAT test until golive.  

- Mentor new or lower-level member to be good as other member in QA team.
- Report to manager all about testing results.

Nov 2011Jul 2014

QA Tester

FPT Software 

- Create test cases follow by Software Require Specification.
- Use DMS tool to manage bugs (log bugs, provide details, assign to developers).
- Execute test and support UAT.
- Work closely with customers, business analyst/ development teams and staff.


NSI Mobile                                                                                                                                   2014 - 2016

NSi Mobile by Nuance makes it easy to fully manage, integrate and extend business processes to a highly mobile workforce - capturing and submitting documents and images, improving the quality of field-collected data, accessing files and securely printing documents wherever, whenever.

In this project, I'm responsible for testing on Android and iOS with many versions. The firstly is hard because I had not experience on mobile testing before. But soon enough, I became familiar with application and can test effectively. During this project, I always had meeting with developer/QAs from Budapest via skype, to discuss and make sure the quality. With each new requirement or had problem, I had contact with customer/ manager directly to make more clearly my knowledge and transfer to my team.

Jurong Port - Oscar                                                                                                                2013 - 2014

Jurong Port is a project of Singapore customer. It using K2 black pearl and Share point 2010 to maintain OSCAR system:
• Rolled out to allow easy automation of Online Clearance and Approval Request.
• Allow users to raise and approve new system login.

In this project, I'm only a tester with some tasks as: create test cases follow by requirement, execute test and manage bugs with Defect Management tool (Fsoft's tool), support Acceptance test when the system is delivered.

NSK                                                                                                                                                 2012 - 2013

NSK is an ERP system that integrates all facets of an operation, including product planning, development, manufacturing processes, sales, purchase, online order, quote and marketing.

I did not join NSK project when it was started. The fist task is testing VAT function - which is very difficult and follow the test case which was created by another. I spent many time but I can't reach it and so, I feel very stress at that time. After that, I must have to learn from basic module, spent more time to study requirement and get support from other member. Finally, I finished testing. Although I did not keep deadline but it became a nice memory in my working history. 

PMAN                                                                                                                                              2011 - 2012

PMAN is a project of Japanese customer, convert the existing system which has been running in UNIX (Solaris 7.0) to Windows (Windows 2008 R2).

This was the first project after graduated. We had more than 60 people and must had to do overtime everyday. We also went to company during Tet Lunar New Year. And had many meetings with the customer via video call. In my opinion, working with Japanese is very hard but at that all, I could learn many things as: pressure working, keep calm in every situation and especially, I could improve my Japanese skill - which I learn in my university. 

My main tasks as: create matrix test cases and execute test. Each day, I had to report the result to manager.