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Cover Letter

 To Whom It May Concern

My name is William Brennan and I am 14 years old.  My birthday is April 4th.  I have Dreams of becoming a music producer.  I want to be this because they make alot of money and they get to meet alot of famous people. 

I have alot of things I can offer to the business becuase i have alot of knowlege about music.  I have very good social skills.  I have a knack for puting music together and making it sound good.

I have lots I can bring to you so please consider highering me.  If you are interested in contacting me tyou can reach me at 704-556-7895.  You can also reach me at [email protected]

Computer Experience

Microsoft Office



Work experience

Mar 2009Dec 2010


  • Insructed to sweep the floor
  • Maintained bathroom cleanliness
  • Trained to have good manners
Nov 2007Dec 2009

Produce music

MIX Masters
  • Taught to make beats and create rythms
  • Assited on producing music
  • Estimated the amount of copys sold
Mar 2006Mar 2007

  • Displayed  the food items
  • Installed the light bulbs in the big menu
  • Introduced new food items


Masters of Music

UNC Chapel hill

I majored in music