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Accomplished Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, Stakeholder Management and Fundraising expert with over 18 years’ experience in business, entertainment and the US and Irish political arenas. Strategic thinker skilled at improving communications processes and fostering teams that are highly cohesive and performance focused. Skilled in seeking out innovative ways of communicating with stakeholders on all levels.  Proactive communicator who is considerate of others, while fostering enduring professional bonds.  A strong organizational brand ambassador, with confident presentation skills and the ability to network, communicate, negotiate and influence at all levels. Highly motivated self-starter who is able to work efficiently on own initiative. Successfully completed a Masters degree in Marketing at UCD’s Smurfit Graduate School of Business [Dublin, Ireland] in December 2010. 


Richard Guiney - CEO, Dublin City BID (business partner)

“I had to the pleasure of working with Nadine while she was with the Lord Mayor's Office. I have always found Nadine profesional, courtous and creative in her approach.” 

January 11, 2011

Cathal Brugha - Professor, University College Dublin (colleague)

“I worked with Nadine when I was helping the Lord Mayor of Dublin to build a twinning relationship between Dublin and Beijing. Nadine is the ideal special assistant to a chief executive: intelligent, quick, friendly, no-nonsense, hard-working, humorous, helpful, able to synthesise the essence of meetings and documents, reliable, strong, the kind of person that will make her boss a success - and honest: if the boss is getting it wrong she will very nicely, kindly and discretely put him/her right.” 

May 11, 2011

Dan Feaheny - Founder, Feeney Enterprises (business partner)

“Nadine engages stakeholders and is concerned about the local community. While being great at detail, she is also quite personable. I highly recommend Nadine for her strategic planning skills and especially her professionalism.” 

May 11, 2011

Kris Bernard - Volunteer Coordinator, Committee to Re-Elect Gov, John Baldacci (colleague)

“Nadine was a pleasure to work for during the campaign to re-elect Governor Baldacci. She was extremely dedicated, professional, and made a direct impact to the campaign from the day she arrived. I would highly recommend Nadine for any venture she pursues as her experience and leadership would be an asset to any organization. I viewed her as a mentor, and learned a great deal in the months working alongside throughout the campaign. I have very fond memories of working with her, and will carry with me the lessons learned during that time. Best, Kris Bernard” 

April 20, 2011

Niall Driver - Manager, Careers Service, Smurfit School of Business, UCD (academic)

“Nadine was a terrific student on her Master's programme at UCD Smurfit School, not surprising given her tremendous experience in the US of working in marketing, communications and political fundraising roles. She is super confident, organised and creative and would be a great asset to any organisation.” 

November 16, 2010

Nicola Gryson - Student, Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, UCD (academic)

“I worked with Nadine on a number of group projects throughout our time in Smurfit. Working with Nadine on these projects was a pleasure, and our results spoke for themselves. A team player, that comfortably puts new ideas forward and sets a good atmosphere at every team meeting.” 

April 15, 2011

Lisa Archer - Student, Michael Smurfit Business School (academic)

“I have worked with Nadine on a number of assignments and for the final project in our MSc Marketing in Smurfit Business School. Nadine, not only has creative, innovate communications ideas, but also has an outstanding strategic, branding ability. I greatly enjoyed working with her in a team environment. She brings insight and motivation to every task and rises to all challenges. I would gladly work with her again and would recommend her to any employer looking for an experienced and knowledgeable marketing professional.” 

April 22, 2011

Work experience


Committee to Reelect Governor Baldacci - Maine

Finance and Stakeholder Management
  • Raised $1.2 million; Developed and executed fundraising strategies; Broadened local and nationwide campaign contributions; Monitored incoming monies and matching funds they triggered for Clean Election opponents.
  • Developed and tracked finance plan.
  • Directed, advised and managed finance staff and coordinated efforts on their various projects and responsibilities.

Minnesota House DFL Caucus

Communications, Internal Relations and Interim Finance Director
  • Created, organised, and executed campaign activities to encourage membership involvement in fundraising. Directed and managed junior staff and interns in Finance Dept.
  • Established fruitful relationships with Caucus members and provided solutions and suggestions for candidates fundraising activities; Provided accurate answers to Board of Ethics related inquiries; Stakeholder management.
  • Authored various communications regarding campaign procedures; Managing Governmental inquiries regarding report filings.

Ben Jones for Congress - Virginia

Communications, Public Relations and Finance
  • Researched and recruited local and national campaign contributors; Recruited fundraising event hosts; Organised and executed fundraising events with both local supporters and high profile individuals, including national, state, and local officials and celebrities.
  • Represented the candidate at events which he could not attend; Stakeholder management.
  • Controlled all incoming moneys; Recruited and organised volunteer workers to support the peripheral activities of all fund-raising events; Advanced fund-raising events and supervised the volunteer workers; Directed and mentored junior staff.

Open Stage Theatre – Pennsylvania

Public and Media Relations
  • Developed creative event promotion and public/media relations.
  • Authored all verbal and written communications with media representatives; Created and distributed of press packs; Fostered and maintained positive relationships with members of the media.

American Association of University Women

Public and Media Relations - Sister-To-Sister Summit ‘98
  • Researched and developed potential public relations and marketing opportunities; Fostered and maintained positive relationships with members of the media.
  • Broadened name recognition and potential through individual and organizational networking.
Nov 2011Present

Remote Consultant, Communications and Public and Media Relations

UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland

  • Public and Media Relations strategy for key organizational programs; Continued development of Business training stream of income strategy; Speech drafting and editing for organizational and University College Dublin leadership relating to the Confucius Institute for Ireland; Government relations strategy and Government policy research, development and strategy; General Communications, Public and Media Relations Strategy advising.
Sep 2011Nov 2011

Communications and Business Development Officer

UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland

  • Public and media relations strategy for key organizational programs; Development of stream of income potential for program and offering channels; Design and development of new Chinese Business Training website and promotional material; Stakeholder management; Speech drafting and editing for organizational and college leadership relating to the Confucius Institute for Ireland; Government relations strategy for upcoming State trade mission to China.
Jul 2010Jul 2011

Lord Mayor of Dublin Gerry Breen

Marketing, Communications, Public Relations & Stakeholder Management
  • Advised the Lord Mayor on media and public relations; Brand development and management of the Lord Mayor and Councilor Gerry Breen; Authored and edited speeches; Authored communications including extended talking points for radio and print. This Lord Mayor has received more media coverage than any previous Lord Mayor of Dublin.
  • Created 2010 Unwrap Dublin theme and logo; Worked with Dublin City Council, Ulster Bank and key stakeholders on re-branding and re-launching The Lord Mayor's ten million euro Business Start-up Fund; Focused research on preparation for the Dublin twinning with Beijing; Coordinated and managed stakeholders on the Councilor's Dublin/Beijing Project Group on the development of program projects for the twinning and negotiated key priorities between members of the group (made up of leaders in business, education, tourism and state government) and the Dublin City Council office of International Relations; Organized, scheduled and executed The Lord Mayor's Village Walks; Created and executed the 'Your Village, Our City' Workshops; Created the Village Template to aide village businesses in setting out a plan for trade organizations.
  • Organized and managed the Lord Mayor’s thirteen initiatives and worked with him on setting the agenda for their progression; Represented the Lord Mayor at meetings with constituents in his absence; Stakeholder management; Developed and edited press releases and media plan for individual projects.
  • Managed and mentored interns and assigned projects based on their ability and initiative.
  • Further developed and managed the Lord Mayor’s first website []; Authored and edited site content; Drive traffic to the Lord Mayor’s Facebook and Twitter pages and to his website; Set the vision for the new site; Continually assessed website aesthetics and functionality; Authored and edited site content. 
Communications & Campaign Director

December 2010 - March 2011

  • Political advising on all campaign activities including media, communications, field and organization; Local and national stakeholder management; creation and design of political literature; Field plan development and execution; Campaign website design and content.
  • The six week TD campaign, in an area where the candidate was unknown in the constituency, achieved an increased vote share in the area for the party from 9.96% in 2007 to 16.75% in 2011. 

Pamala Stanley Entertainment

National Marketing and Publicity / Non Profit partnerships
  • Developed creative marketing campaigns, creative event promotion, EPK and public/media relations – ie: the successful Komen “Survive” Campaign in Pittsburgh, PA, Milwaukee, WI and Chicago; Stakeholder management.
  • Researched and developed potential public relations and marketing opportunities; Contract development and negotiation.

Cathy - The Musical Mixed Media Project

National Financial Consultant / Investment Acquisition
  • Researched potential financial backing opportunities for the project.
  • Pursued initial contact with potential backers and provided detailed prospectus on the project.
Oct 1994Jan 1995

Kennedy for Senate – Massachusetts

Communications and Research
  • Composed and organised written and verbal communications relating to Mrs. Reggie Kennedy’s campaign activities; Developed briefing books for Mrs. Reggie Kennedy’s use and presentation; Created talking points for Mrs. Reggie Kennedy.
  • Developed call time materials for all levels of donors; Organised and executed Mrs. Reggie Kennedy’s fundraising call time.
1993Oct 1994

Kennedy for Senate – Massachusetts

Communications and Finance
  • Approximately 11.4 million raised
  • Composed and organised written and verbal communications relating to Direct, Pledge, Prospecting and Re-solicited fundraising activities. Managed and coordinated fundraising surrogates,
  • Organized fundraising event with then First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton [Boston Park Plaza Castle]; Controlled all event logistics; Coordinated and supervised 150 volunteers. 600k+ raised.
Apr 1992Dec 1992

Clinton / Gore - Victory '92

Communications, Media, Research and Advance April 1992 – Dec 1992 Primary / General Election
  • Coordinated verbal and written communications; Opposition research; Advanced campaign events in conjunction with national advance staff.
  • Chief of Staff, Little Rock advance team; Coordinated media telecommunications set up for the traveling media, Annual Veteran's Convention.
  • Event preparation - Media telecommunications set up; coordinated local media and democrats on local events, including, but not limited to: The Clinton / Gore '92 Bus Tour: southern Illinois, Missouri, and Minnesota.


Sep 2009Sep 2010


Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, Ireland


    Composing and organizing written and verbal communications relating to Direct, Pledge, Prospecting and Re-solicits. Traditional and creative event development and tracking and alteration of finance plan, including Individual, Events, Corporate Relationships, Direct Mail and Internet Fundraising. Management and coordination of fundraising surrogates, including board members, event chairs and key volunteers. In conjunction with the leadership and management team, development of an organizational plan, theme, and message that maximizes fundraising potential. Development of call time materials for all levels of donors; Organization and execution of fundraising call time on all donor levels with leadership and surrogates.      
Event Planning
  Locating the appropriate venue for the size, purpose and tone of the event. Choosing an event theme that coordinates with the client’s mission. Pre event coordination, including invitations, ticket sales, seating arrangements and guest registration. Obtaining sponsors and in-kind contributors. Planning all multimedia presentations for the event [video, sound, PowerPoint, remote conference]. Menu planning. Booking speakers and/or entertainment; Contract development and negotiations, including licensing. Publicity, including creative event promotion and public/media relations; verbal and written communications with media representatives; Creation and distribution of press packs for invited media representatives; Setting up media interviews with key members of the organization. Volunteer recruitment, organization and management. Event trouble-shooting. Coordination with outside vendors. IT skills include WordPerfect, MicroSoft Works, Office, Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.      
  Communications/Marketing/Public Relations     Message & brand development; Personal image consulting; Team and pubic/media relations training. Development of logos and assessment of website aesthetics and functionality. Research and development on potential public relations and marketing opportunities. Stakeholder management; Broadening name recognition and potential through individual and organizational networking. In conjunction with the leadership and management team, development of an organizational plan, theme, and message that maximize marketing and/or PR potential. Written and verbal communications for internal and external audiences on all levels. Multimedia presentations; EPK creation; creative marketing campaign development. Foster and maintain positive relationships with members of the media.    



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