A resident of London, Stacey Millichamp oversees her own diverse practice in Muswell Hill; she is also recognized as a gifted author, educator, and leader. Stacey Millichamp pursued education in a variety of mental health disciplines. In addition to holding a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy, a postgraduate diploma in psychosynthesis counselling and therapy, and a diploma in clinical supervision, Stacey Millichamp gained extensive training in couple therapy. She utilizes her education in a number of ways, from written contributions and academic works to active leadership roles in a number of organizations. A contributor to Open University Press’ 2001 publication Critically Engaging CBT, Stacey Millichamp offers her experience and reflections on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a complex practice with many niches and capabilities. Within the scholarly edition, Stacey Millichamp elaborates on the interface between Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Transpersonal Psychotherapy, and explores the benefits of a relational approach towards psychological challenges. In addition to her written accomplishments, Stacey Millichamp utilizes her expertise to improve a variety of organizations. A co-founder and former director of Children: Our Ultimate Investment UK, Stacey Millichamp oversaw the training of counsellors and organization of events designed to build a better future for the United Kingdom’s youth. Dedicated to helping people, Stacey Millichamp also acted as a staff member of the Findhorn Foundation for a number of years and actively participated in redesigning the coursework of the holistic community and eco village. In her role as founder of a private practice, Stacey Millichamp strives to provide therapy that is built around the individual’s history, needs, and desired results. Committed to strengthening the lives of patients as well as the methods of the professional community, she serves as a Senior Trainer and Clinical Supervisor at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust in London.

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Work experience
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