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Volunteer History

Sep 2013Feb 2015

Teacher at St. Michaels Catechism

St. Michaels Church

I work with kids ages 11-15 teaching them about religion and assigning homework and giving them advice.

Sep 2013Feb 2015

Receptionist at St. Micheals Catechism

St. Michaels Catholic Church

I registered hundreds of kids into the Catechism program, I handled the money process and the software process and also communicated with tough parents and students. 



Guiding the disabled.

Took a class junior year to help a visually impaired student as well a disabled student in reading and  writing skills as well improving their communication with others. 

Greenfield Middle School Office Aid

While in middle school, worked with the office members in answering phone calls, putting meetings together and running errands. 

Social Media

Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Shots, Vine, Facebook, and Snapchat are all things I am very aware of using and use on a daily basis therefore indicating that I can work with them.

I work really well with others, I know how to handle situations when they occur with others and I know how to connect with others.
Bi- Langual
English is my second language, Chaldean is my first. I am fluent in both and understand them both very well.