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Neve Posey



I am a hard working and self-motivated individual, who is committed to further developing my skills and knowledge. I enjoy working as a team or independently I am a very hands on and energetic person who is patient and caring. I have good communication skills and am punctual. 

I have gained work based experiences through a very enjoyable placement at a nursery, and at a hair salon.

Work experience

Feb 2014June 2016

Hairdressing Assistant 

A Cut Above 

I have worked as a Saturday girl in a salon whilst still in full-time education. When working in the salon my duties include answering the phone and booking appointments. I also wash clients' hair and clean the salon to make it look presentable. At times I am requested to handle cash transactions with the customers. I find it easy to interact and engage in conversation with all of the clients. When more stock is delivered, I help unpack it and stock it neatly on the shelves. 

Sep 2014Sep 2015


St Georges Brownies

I volunteered at St George's Brownies for 1 year, working with children in primary school years. While I was there I helped organise activities and supervised any games that were being played. I was often asked to assist with teaching the children with whatever the lessons were for that week (e.g. The moon faces and safety in the kitchen). We often went for walks where I would be making sure the children were safe when crossing the road and walking on the pavement, with other adult supervision. There were some weeks where the girls would be making cakes so I would help them in the process.

Mar 2015Mar 2015

Nursery Assistant (Work experience)

Crossroad Carers Nursery 

While on my one week placement in the nursery I gathered information about a nursery, staff and how it all works. I was often asked to help prepare the children's lunches and help any children that needed a hand with feeding. I supervised playtimes with another member of staff and helped tidy up when they were clearing away after playtime.  I often read to the children when they asked or when they were waiting for their food to be served. 


Sep 2011Present


St. Ninians High school

I am currently studying English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, ICT, Health and Social Care, and Religious Studies.


GCSE Science

St Ninians High School

In my GCSE science exam I obtaibned a B grade.



Grade 4 Piano



Silver Merit Award


In recognition of three years of excellent work behaviour and attitude.


Grade 3 Piano



Bronze Merit Award


In recognition of two years of excellent work, behaviour and attitude.


Grade 1 Piano