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Sketch E.P.

Behind the Scenes

It's really more than just magic.

Music Skills

Music Production
  • Proficient in FL Studio
  • Experience in Reason, Ableton Live, and Logic
Music Theory/Harmony
  • Classically trained
  • Exposed to electronic music specific theory through high school courses
RCM Piano
  • Level 6 RCM
  • Performed for piano recitals and in public pianos
Concert Band Percussion
  • Performed for the AIBF, tours, and school concerts
Sound Recording

Education in Music

Feb 2015June 2015

Entrepreneurial Artist Program

Junior Achievement
  • Developed an artistic vision and a business plan
  • Received and shared constructive feedback with peers and artists in the community
Sep 2013Present

Fine and Performing Arts Certificate

Calgary Board of Education - Western Canada High School

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• Earned 40 high school credits in the fine and performing arts for Instrumental Music, Electronic Music, and Drama
• Participant of the Professional Development of the Arts course

Sep 2012Present

Level 6 RCM Piano

The Royal conservatory
  • Takes lessons to learn piano through technical skills, repertoire, studies, sight-reading, and theory
  • Participates in two rectials a year
Sep 2014Jan 2015

Electronic Music Program

Western Canada Fine Arts
  • Unique music program involving the investigation of musical composition and arranging through the use of computer software
  • Involves performances of original works
Jul 2014Jul 2014

Music Production/DJ School Alumni

Beat Drop

Artist Statement

            As ideas evolve,  contemporary art evolves with it. I've set out on my budding career with the aim of being a driver of evolution in the music world. Music is fun. It has not only filled my down time, but it has also been an outlet where I can communicate my thoughts and emotions. Music has always been my passion even before I delved into music production. I find that in general, I get along best with fellow artists, able to not only share them my emotions and experiences but also sense their own emotions and experiences through their art. Their emotions, conveyed through music, have really helped me get through my days and I hope to eventually do the same to others through my music. Art provides us with an unlimited number of media to express ourselves in when words just don't come. I find it, at times, difficult to communicate how I feel just from mere words, and art really became the facet of these thoughts. My music skills have in turn helped me with communication beyond creative media.

            I began making music in 2012 years ago, inspired by my cousin Patrick Reedy, who gave a shot at rapping.  Another big turning point for me was the Beat Drop summer camp, where I not only learned DJ-ing and more advanced production, but I also found peers, connections, artistic influences, and most importantly inspiration. But even before, I had a music background since my childhood. I knew of music theory from piano lessons since I was 10 years old, as well as from an excellent school band programs in St. Michael's Junior High School and Western Canada High School. an electronic music  course, self-teaching instruments (I had a guitar and drums phase), and my love of listening to music. After undergoing hiphop and rock phases, I have been making songs mainly of EDM genres. As I go on my journey discovering my signature sound, l still keep my songs diverse. My "biggest" song, Sam's Theme, is in fact a soundtrack I made for a story I've been writing on Wattpad. Another memorable project I've worked on is a Christmas song Peace to All, which features a fellow artist Elene's vocals. Recording vocals added another dimension to my sound and artistic diversity. Producing music is just one aspect of the evolution. Having the opportunity to share (and discover) music is the other, more impactful aspect. Piano recitals and school band concerts have certainly given me the taste of what it is like to be a performer. I plan to take this experience to the Nestryle realm . I currently am a prospective live set DJ for hiphop artist Nickwise, and to DJ on his future shows brings me excitement. Nickwise is inarguably my greatest musical role model. I have known him for years and have followed his progression in his music career. His perseverance and persistence, in spite of people saying music is not for him, are qualities that I really admire and strive to adopt.

            To me, there is a distinction between an artist and a successful artist. I believe that a successful artist also integrates business knowledge to their art. A successful artist strives to make connections and market themselves along with their art. Beyond my education in music theory, performance, and production, I also incorporated studies of music from the business standpoint. I have taken part in the Junior Achievement Entrepreneurial Artist Program. The program highlighted the legal, marketing, financial, and community aspect of art. The most interesting, and perhaps most important part of the program, to me, is the interviews of successful artists. They have shown their perseverance and coping mechanisms against the starving artist stereotype. I have also taken the Professional Development in the Arts course. In this course, we integrate our school involvement in the fine arts with its implications to our full time career, whether it may be involving the arts or not.

            Aside from expanding to live performances as a DJ, I plan to further my music production experience by finally releasing my first music project (an EP album) in 2016. This album will showcase my abilities and experience in music production, giving potential employers (record labels, event planners, post-production firms, bands, etc.). Finally being signed to a record label is my plan around 5 years from now.  In ten years, I would like a part time position in a studio either working for post-production, or recording booths such as in the National Music Center and Beltline Youth Center. In the long term, I would like Nestryle to become a name in Calgary, or perhaps Canada, when people talk about a local artist. I plan to get here just from releasing music that the electronic music scene would like, marketing myself well, and creating a professional network. I would like Nestryle to be a name because I am a firm believer and advocate for the arts in society. Music, whether during a concert, thumping in the club, playing through ear buds on a bus ride home, blasting in your room during a sleepover, or in the background of an emotional scene in a movie, adds flavour to life. Just as art decorates space and makes views more beautiful, I see music as a way to decorate time and enhance the aesthetics of a situation. Fine arts is the toolbox wherein Nestryle is set to change the world and make it a little bit more beautiful one song at a time.

            I've set out on my budding career with the aim of turning Nestryle into the very embodiment of my vision as an artist. Only time can tell what the future definitively holds for him. Nestryle is constantly evolving. Nestryle is art. I used to believe that it was I who was to change music. But in reality, it was music that changed me.