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Work experience

Nov 20142015

HR Administration

PT. Indo Stationery Ritel Utama
  • Handling the recruitment process (calling candidate, giving the induction of test, scoring the test, offering the candidate to user to do interview with user, briefing for new employee)
  • Handling the adminstration letter (Internal Personnel Action Note, contract letter, letter of reference,  and SP)
  • Handling on duty trip administration (look for the flight from travel agent, search the hotel, and on duty trip letter)
  • Handling recapitulation the attandance of the employee
  • Making a list of the employee that will end the contract
  • Making a list of the birthday date all employee and send the birthday gift
  • Handling the process of contract Clerk level
  • Making report to tax division of new employee in a month
Jan 2013Nov 2014


PT. Sahabat Utama Manajemen (Holding)
  • Handling the phone
  • Handling and distribute the business letter
  • Handling the guest
  • Handling recapitulation attandace of the employee in a month
Aug 2009Jan 2013

Sales Assistant

PT. Perintis Pelayanan Paripurna (Century Health Care)
  • Handling customer with good
  • Checking the stock of goods, the expired date, and display on a rack.
  • Handling the transaction (cashier)


Sep 2011Mar 2015

Diploma 3

Academic of Bina Sarana Informatika

Majoring in English Academic

About me

I am a fast learner person, I love to know more about something new that I have never known before, I have an enough endurance that's why I can work in underpressure. I also can work with or without team but, actually I love work in a team because it makes us learn each others.