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Technology entrepreneur consultant offering innovative, cutting edge technologies, in the area of online media, online gaming, distribution technologies, web services, scalable server architectures, advertising technologies, product prototyping, electronic commerce, and social networking

Fourteen years of experience in the technology field in these areas:

  • Technology Specialist: LAMP (Linux, Apache, PHP/PERL, Ruby on Rails, MySQL), C/C++, OO, MVC, JavaScript, AJAX, Linux/FreeBSD, SOAP/REST/XML-RPC, Low Level Networking
  • Product Development
  • Product Planning
  • Technology and Engineering Management
  • Scalable Systems Architectures
  • Literally thousands of servers built using my technologies



Work experience

Software Development Engineer

Real Networks
  • Hired as a contractor to build Pay Per View module for the RealServer
  • Written in C and C++, with some PERL for backend database processing

Core Developer, Automation Testing

F5 Networks, Inc
  • Programmer assigned to automating recursion based testing to BIG-IP suite of products
  • Liason to build team to run after built automated testing of all major functions of the BIG-IP Product
  • Automated unit testing system still in use today
Jan 2008Present

Managing Partner / Software Architect

Andrew Edmond

Formally launched with four clients and partnering with several dozen expert sub-contractors. Currently in the midst of several very large projects for clients, and working on some new open source technologies. Specializing in LAMP based technologies.

Recent projects include: - Classified Search Engine with 400GB of data, split second search results, 3500 lines of AJAX/jQuery JavaScript code, 6000+ lines of PHP code, lead (and only) developer - Life Caching Social Media Backup Service - project management with a team of three Ruby on Rail developers.  Assisted with front end JavaScript and back end scaling architecture.

Another recent contract was for P2-Solutions and Wizards of the Coast (Hasbro HAS/NYSE) to optimize performance on their recently released Facebook application for Dungeons and Dragons which was failing under extreme load.  Over six weeks I applied fixes to the system, database and application code that resulted in a 90% decrease in overall system load, and built an architecture for them to horizontally scale growth in the future.

May 2008Sep 2008

Lead Architect

As lead architect for TubeMogul products I over saw emerging technologies within the TubeMogul, Inc product roadmap.  Twenty percent of my time at TubeMogul was evaluating architecture decisions, open source technologies and working in major new features into an already changing main product systems architecture.  Eighty percent of my time was spent "in the trenches" coding in PHP, PERL, and C++ along with hands on performance engineering, scalable database design, caching technologies.  TubeMogul conitnues to be the #1 leader in online video distribution technologies and video analytics.

Dec 2004Dec 2007

Co-founder and Chief Architect

GridNetworks, Inc
  • Developed the entire core server architecture, including, but not limited to entire network design, systems architectures, media management systems, routing and intelligence agents, reporting infrastructure.  Mostly written in C, PERL, and PHP on a mix of FreeBSD and Ubuntu Linux servers.
  • Built a core technical staff to grow the business.
  • Helped raise of $11M through angel and Series-A funding
Jun 2002Dec 2004

Founder and CEO

PeoplePeople, Inc
  • Developed a small $2M a year online retail company
  • Primarily PHP and PERL systems, 120,000 customers in 2 years
  • Sold the business in 2006.
  • Managed inventory, warehousing, purchasing systems, shipping systems
  • Self financed.
Jan 1998Apr 2001

Co-founder and CEO

Flying Crocodile, Inc
  • Built the original infrastructure for a WebTrends / HitBox style statistic analysis service for websites
  • Rebranded the system for the adult industry, released SexTracker, which grew to $30M in sales per year
  • Opened a 800+ server hosting business, managed the technical buildout of the network, grew the business, performed sales
  • Build an affiliate based marketing technology called MoneyTree
  • Heavy use of PERL for database management, C/C++ for core systems



Botany and Horticulture

Sep 1990Dec 1993

Computer Engineering


Web Services
Ruby on Rails