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I am a full time student and a part time worker. I have been interested in the medical field sense I was 5 and knew from the beginning that was where i was going to end up. Im determined to get where i want to be and i'm great at what i do.  

I am motivated and passionate about all sorts of things. I received my black belt  in Tae Kwon Do at the age of 13 and was the varsity captain in Golf and Volleyball back in high school. 

Last year I decided to get my CNA degree in hopes of more experience before i go to nursing school. Ever sense I got my job as a transporter, i feel extremely comfortable working with patients and only wish that i was allowed to do more in my job. I believe being a CNA will give me more of an insight to the field of nursing. It will also get me closer to my ultimate goal. 

Work experience


Saint Joseph's Hospital
May 2006Sep 2008


Buffalo Wild Wings

I had a great time working at Buffalo Wild Wings. The people were fun and so was the atmosphere. However, it was time to move up. I quit the restaurant  and got into central transport. 

Sep 2004May 2006


Carino's Italian Grill

Carino's was my first real job. I was a hostess but i wanted to serve. Buffalo wild wings was opening across the street so I jumped all over that. 


Aug 2006Present

BA in progress

University of Colorado at Boulder
May 2007Present


When i decided i was going to be a nurse, i started taking summer classes over at FRCC when i wasn't in school at Boulder. I got all my prerequisites out of the way to get on the waiting list for the nursing program. However, FRCC is only a back up for nursing school. I plan to apply to the University of Colorado in Denver when I graduate from Boulder.