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Versatile, energetic, and always learning. Inspired by the power of information to change the world. Motivated by the opportunity to wield it to do as much good as possible.

Work experience

Aug 2015Present

Junior Data Scientist

Move Loot, Inc

Core Responsibilities

  • Data continuity and integrity
    • Refactor and maintain Redshift schemas to accommodate an increasingly complex set of back end applications, a rapidly growing team and constantly changing business priorities.
  • Training and Support
    • Hosted Data Office Hours to promote independent data exploration
      • These sessions provided interpretation and QA for self-pulled reports, and  supported business users in obtaining the data they need.
    • Hosted and recorded a biweekly series of workshops and analytics demonstrations.
      • These served not only as a means to proliferate our methods for data analysis and improve transparency of our analytics, but also as onboarding tools for future team members, analysts and data scientists in particular.
    • Onboarded all new team members in our analytics stack, data sources, and training in all analytics tools and processes.


  • Full stack dashboard Flask application
    • Set up an end-point and a redis cache to catch entities sent from production in realtime and render in charts.
    • Used dc.js, a library build on d3 to quickly render custom charts populated by a three day spotlight of our transactional database.
  • Product recommendation algorithm
    • Permanently improved average cart size, inventory sell-through, and conversion rates with a SQL powered algo, which periodically pushed product ID's to a redis cache with an http endpoint to rapidly serve product recommendations to users browsing the site.
  • Marketing + Product Analysis
    • Reduced CAC with feature analysis using grid search to identify key indicators of successful marketing strategy.
    • Collaborated with web team to A/B test user flow; reduced bounce rates and grew the top of the funnel.
    • Bayesian statistical analysis of referrals program, grew referrals by 25% in a week by A/B testing CTA placement and referral bonus
    • ROI report of offline direct mailer campaign, using Levenshtein distances for address matching.
Nov 2014Aug 2015

Data Analyst

Move Loot, Inc.

Core Responsibilities

  • Provided BI for product roadmap and prioritization of projects.
  • Managed development for company-wide analytics
  • Construct and maintain analytics dashboards for team and business KPI tracking
    • Sole developer of Looker platform, a third party querying and visualization tool, and our primary resource for business intelligence.
  • Field all company-wide analytics reporting requests from a diverse group of stakeholders including operations managers, regional managers, executives, team leads, and product strategists. 


  • Logistics Tech Product Manager
    • Used my unique knowledge of our schema and our ops processes to facilitate development of our proprietary freight system.
    • Bridged communication gaps between tech team and key business stakeholders to minimize logistics drops and improve transportation efficiency, inventory visibility, and ultimately, customer experience.
  • Data Warehouse
    • Project managed and contributed to the development and implementation of an Amazon Redshift analytics database.
    • ETL to centralize data from a wide variety of sources. Built python data collectors using third party API's.
      • Modeled marketing channel ROI (Facebook, Google ad spend)
      • Operations intelligence - Pulled labor data from WhenIWork for staffing optimization, CoGS reporting and built tables for overall unit economics.
      • Logistics Optimization (Pull data from internal truck routing and inventory management applications)
      • Various third party data sources (RelateIQ, Lever, Zendesk, etc.)
Mar 2014Nov 2014

Business Operations Strategist

Move Loot, Inc

    Core responsibilities

    • Early analytics and initial Looker model development/implementation
    • Initial post-incubator burn projections
    • Business development + partnership management
    • Co-marketing strategy
    • Onboarding + Training of new hires

    Special Projects

    • Retail Store Manager
      • Hired and managed team to staff a 3 month pop up to test brick and mortar as potential expansion of core business
      • Oversaw logistics, staffing schedule, stock, managed event calendar, planned outreach to local craftspeople for supply and networking.
    • Rentals program manager
      • Designed terms of service, process flow, and developed strategy for test rental service as potential expansion of core business.
      • Managed all rentals-related customer service and business development.
    Feb 2014Present

    Grant Writer, Marketing and Communications Volunteer

    Asante Africa Foundation
    • Grants team
      • Writing LOI's, grant sections
      • Research prospects using Salesforce.
    • Marketing team
      • Blog and email content
      • Attended campaign strategy meetings.
    • General event support
      • Facilitate program coordination and run a/v at large donor events
    Jan 2013Feb 2014

    Privately Contracted Project Manager

    • Day to day management of various real estate projects
      • Worked with industry professionals to plan development, obtain permits from communicated with tenants and construction teams to facilitate timely project completion.
    • Filed all incorporation papers a technology company and IBM hardware reseller in California. 
    • Devised marketing content and business development strategy for mobile social media game that launched in Apple's app store. 



    Master of Philosophy with a focus in Political Theory and Ethics

    University of St Andrews

    Upper Second Class Degree (2:1) 

    Early on I lamented leaving university without a vocational training. What I've realized is that the works of Pogge, Shue, Berlin, Rawls, and Sen left me with a profoundly enhanced ability to learn, and a collaborative critical thought process that enables me to engage others in an unbiased dialogue. My studies formed my ambition to seek out a lasting positive impact on the world.

    Formative experiences:

      • Basketball Club  President, Captain, and Treasurer
      • Part-time Server, Bar Supervisor



    Well-versed in Redshift and Postgres functions, derived tables, using SQL heavily in the ETL process.


    Jupyter notebook, Pandas, + matplotlib for exploring and analyzing data.

    HTML scrapers with Beautiful Soup

    Product recommendation algorithms using scikit-learn

    Standalone Flask applications for internal tools.

    Data mining strings using fuzzy string matching (Levenshtein distances)

    Contributed to the scikit-learn project in a code sprint. It was really cool, and I hope to become more involved in open-source projects.

    Ruby on rails

    Various tasks that were easier to do in our production environment:

    Very familiar with rails console and active record; used for real-time diagnostics in Product Managing our many internal logistics tools.

    Rake tasks for QA and ad hoc reports requiring production data.

    Batch updates, extractions, and exports.

    Front end web development

    Have used dc.js and d3.js for front end of real-time dashboard application.

    Learned HTML for scrapers and started building front ends with SASS, Bootstrap, and javascript.

    Wrangled data for D3 meetup group to build visualization to map impact of license suspensions on the poor. Received zip code data from policy group and created shp file for rendering in javascript.

    MS office

    Have written a little VBA for running saved sql queries, populating charts, and filling out a powerpoint template for presentations in a snap.

    The offset function is the coolest thing since sliced dataframes.