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Work experience

Memorabilia buyer



University College Dublin

Richmond College


Arizona State University - The Hugh Downs College of Human Communication


A memorabilia buyer, appraiser, and seller with a lifelong interest in autographs and other collectibles, Nelson Deedle currently splits his time between a wide range of professional and personal projects. Beginning with an autographed picture received from Mother Teresa at age 11, Nelson Deedle cultivated his fascination with memorabilia and launched his first business the following year. As he built both his collections and reputation as a memorabilia dealer, Nelson Deedle attended schools in England and the United States, ultimately enrolling at Arizona State University’s Hugh Downs School of Human Communication. In tandem with his studies in communications and business administration, Mr. Deedle pioneered the burgeoning market for online collectibles in the mid-1990s, starting one of the first memorabilia websites with automated auctions and full-color digital imaging for all merchandise. Following receipt of his Bachelor’s degree from ASU, Mr. Deedle continued to build upon his credentials through work as an archivist with The Elliott Roosevelt Estate; appraiser, buyer, and seller for major celebrities, including the late Michael Jackson; and as a regular contributor to Autograph Quarterly, Autograph Times, and other key trade publications in his field.Since then, Mr. Deedle has purchased nearly 10 memorabilia firms, added to his collection of 100,000 autographs, and hosted more than 600 private autograph signings, more than any other dealer registered by the Universal Autograph Collector’s Club. With a personal collection valued in the millions, Nelson Deedle remains one of the most recognized professionals in the memorabilia industry, respected as much for his breadth of offerings as for his strong track record as an authenticator of genuine collectibles. To date, Mr. Deedle has authenticated, appraised, and sold more than one million unique objects of pop culture, political, or other significance. 


Travel – Have traveled to over 35 countries.  In doing so,  have gained historical knowledge to help piece together memorabilia and archival mysteries.