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Work experience

Jul 2008Aug 2012

HOD English, Co-ordinator Co-curricular Activities Programme, Teacher Theory of Knowledge and Photography

B D Somani International School

~Designed and implemented the curriculum for the IBDP English A1 course and IGCSE English Language Course~Conducted Professional Development workshops for teachers of the school and English department

~Introduced the TOK department to using blogs as assessment tools. ~Initiated, setup and formalized the entire Co-curricular Activities Programme across the school~Devised a “Quiet Students' Monitoring” System (point per class system)~Headed of the school's Yearbook Committee (2009-2011)~Assisted in designing the school Assessment Policy~Compiled and assisted in editing the school Language Policy~Evaluated and systemized assessment strategies for English teaching~Worked in extensive collaboration with the Theatre and Visual Arts DepartmentsCertification:International Baccalaureate (DP) Examiner for Higher Level World Literature and Unseen Commentary Paper 1International Baccalaureate (DP) English Literature IIInternational Baccalaureate (DP) Theory of Knowledge IIIGCSE English Language (0500) IIGCSE English Literature (0486) I


May 2007Jun 2008


St. Xavier's Institute of Education

What makes me 'ME'

I love post-it notes; I am very practical in my approach to love, work, life; I'm most productive in the evening/ late night hours; I teach, teach for a living, teach wherever whatever to whomsoever I can; cleaning (rooms, closets, walls, floors, anything) is therapeutic;  I am a learner, as stale as the cliche might sound, I am a proud 'learner for life'; stationary shops drive me crazy, so does paper and paper crafts; i believe in creative clutter, that's how I keep my room; I hate Mathematics, call myself mathematically challenged; I believe that there is always a rationale/purpose behind everything one does or experiences; if not a teacher of life, I would have been a teacher of psychology; I love second hand things, especially books, love them yellowed and pale; milk is my drug; I hate being in water, obviously, I cannot (and will not learn to) swim; I can spend hours by the sea side; no matter how hard I try, I can never travel light; I love to customize gifts for people; I hate categorizing or being categorized; I am hard to convince; I take pride in being unique, different, even eccentric; I can never walk in the same direction as the masses around me are going; I hate summers/heat; winters make my adorable; I love shades of black; I detest regimentation; I believe in being wrong, and told so; I practice the power of silence; I love to get quirky while baking and cooking; wine and cheesecakes make me blush; I need to keep myself engaged, constantly; stagnation petrifies me, so do snakes and spiders; I imagine.

Teaching Philosophy

I strongly believe that for many students, the most powerful and inspiring lessons are learned in informal discussions, for which, as a teacher, I strive to create a safe environment that is interactive and collaborative in its essence. By giving students a voice in a class, not only do the students benefit from peer learning, especially by sharing personal experiences, opinions and knowledge, but they also take responsibility for their own learning and, therefore, enhance independent thinking. A believer in the process, rather than the product, I strive to encourage students to think outside conventional boundaries, making students’ learning more reflective than merely goal-based.

Passions and Bucket List for 2012-13

  • Abstract (rust) and Portrait Photography (black and white, dotage)
  • Thrift Fashion
  • Edible Gardening and Horticulture
  • Leaf collecting and pressing, Seashell collecting, Bus tickets collecting
  • Observing people, Exploring cities and cultures
  • Partake in a week long hiatus off all technical goodies
  • Making best out of waste, Jewellery making, Quilling, Chocolate making, Paper Crafts

On my Bucket List: 

  • Experience Underwater Photography and Scuba diving
  • Visit Greece
  • Create my family tree
  • Learn to juggle