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Work experience

Aug 2013Nov 2014

Cashier/Food Counter Attendant 

Mc Donalds Ltd. 

Provide assistance to the store manager in his day-to-day tasks. 
Greet and welcome customers to the store in a pleasant manner. Assist store staff in displaying products in an easy-to-locate manner. Assist and help customers in locating their items of purchase. Inspect items and products for any breakages or damages. Assist stores staff in managing inventory controls. Maintain the store area neat and clean and sanitized. Handle safely and delicately the items and products in a store. 
Implement best standards in providing customer services in a store setting.


Jan 2015Jun 2015

High School 

E.D. Feehan Catholic High School 

The school is named in honour of Edward Daniel Feehan, the first superintendent of education of the St. Paul’s Roman Catholic School Division No. 20 in the city of Saskatoon. He was also the first principal of St. Mary School, the first school in the division.

Jun 2011Jan 2015

High School 

Bethlehem Catholic High School 

This school integrates faith and learning in a facility featuring a chapel, two gymnasiums and a theatre. It is physically connected to the public high school Tommy Douglas Collegiate through the adjacent Shaw Centre recreation facility. It was named in honour of Christianity's birthplace, the foundation of Christian religion


-I am highly motivated and enthusiastic and have a keen desire to continually update my knowledge and skills.

-I have a strong sense of commitment; I am able to begin a course of action and work through it until it's finished.

-I have a very strong drive and motivation to continually develop my skills.

-I have the ability to be flexible and adaptable in order to meet changing conditions or situations.

-I am outgoing, enthusiastic and a determined individual, eager to make progress.

-I have the ability to learn quickly and my common sense helps me respond to the needs of new situations.

-I possess honesty and integrity.

-I am reliable and able to be trusted to do what I have been asked to do, or what I have promised to do.

- I have a sense of humour and I am able to join with others and enjoy funny situations.

-I am motivated and positive about the work I do by setting myself goals and working toward them.