Neke Konig

Neke Konig

Extra-curricular activities

In addition to playing nine years of soccer before high school, I have played volleyball every year of high school. 9th grade I was on the freshmen team, 10th grade I was on the junior varsity team, and my junior year I was on varsity. This fall, my senior year, I plan on being on varsity again. When i was younger I also played a couple seasons of basketball. Being involved in sports most of my life has taught me a lot about things such as teamwork, cooperation, responsibility, good sportsmanship, and determination. 

Interests and community service

Being a part of Valhalla's volleyball family has been a helpful push in opening my eyes to the community in which I live. With my volleyball team I have volunteered at Mission Trails Park and done a couple beach clean-ups. I love living in San Diego because it is such a beautiful place and it is satisfying to help keep it beautiful and preserved.



Valhalla High School

SAT score: 1720

12th grade classes: AP statistics, AP government/economics, AP literature, Psychology, Child development

11th grade classes: Honors Pre-Calculus, AP U.S. history, AP language and composition, Spanish 5/6, Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental design

10th grade classes: Honors Algebra II, AP world history, honors English, Spanish 3/4, foods and nutrition, Honors Chemistry

9th grade classes: Pre-AP world history, Honors geometry, Honors English, Spanish 1/2, Biology, P.E.