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Work experience

Aug 2007Sep 2008


Bondi Bar and Kitchen

Bondi was more than just a job, it was where I discovered my appreciation for beer.  Sure I served it before I started working there,  but it was my first sip of Coopers pale ale that made me go, "wow, this is something different."

Since that first day at Bondi I've known that this was the direction I wanted to take.  Sampling different beers, learning about the ingredients and how they affect the taste of the brew.  More that just learning about it, I love talking about it.  Getting different takes from all sorts of people is intriguing, and it's interesting to see why people choose the beers that they do.

Aug 2005Aug 2007

Office Director

Total Financial

As office director at Total financial I was in charge of keeping the office alive.  At any one time we had between 4 to 6 salesmen, and it was my job to coordinate the efforts of them along with the title companies, escrow companies and felllow brokers to make sure the deals went through.  It was a juggling act but instead of bowling pins I had deadlines to meet, signatures to get, and prices to meet. 

Working with the salesmen was only one side of the job.  I was incharge of maintaing the office, purchasing supplies, sending and receiving orders, updating the employees on procedures or loan programs.

Aug 2004Aug 2005

Inventory Clerk

T. Iida Contracting

General contractors are in charge of every facet of a construction process.  Breaking ground, laying the foundation and putting the finishing touches on the paint are all part of the job, with help from sub-contractors of course.  My job was to purchase, log and deliver whatever was necessary to get the job done.  Endless amounts of supplies from nails and screws to tractors and trucks all passed through my hands.

Swiftness was a must and preciseness was most important.  The wrong epoxy type or an incorrect measurement could delay the job hours or days.


Sep 1999Aug 2003

B.A. Criminal Justice

Presidents list fall of 2003

Four year letterwinner for HPU Mens Division II basebll


I'm a problem solver.  I like to look at a situation and see what exactly I can do about it before I need to get help.  Not in a stubborn I can fix it sort of way, but a curious what exactly can I learn from this sort of way.  The first time I fixed a keg I learned that the inside of the hand pump was repeatedly getting jammed.  Ten minutes later with the help of a bottle opener as a screwdriver and non-stick cooking spray as lubricant the beer was flowing.   It's just one small example, but it's how I like to approach situations.  Open minded and interested in everything that's going on, constantly wanting to learn more and do more.


Creativity.  Creativity needs a spark, some inspiration, a muse you might say.  Some say that you have to seek it out and others say that it comes to you.  I've learned that the term "creative" isn't reserved for artists, writers and all the left brained people of the word.  Henry Ford needed a better, more cost effecient way to produce automobiles and he came up with the assembly line.  Richard and Maurice Mcdonald made one heck of a burger, but Ray Kroc brought it to America.

You could have any job in the world, show up every day and do what's required, receive your paycheck and live your life.  Sounds boring to me.  Bring some creativity with you everyday and you never know what might happen.

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Feel free to check out my myspace page.  I use it strictly as a social page, so if you would like to see more of who I am outside of the office go ahead and take a look.