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Work experience


Advanced Deskside Support Representative


I was assigned to multiple clients during my time with IBM.  I worked at a hospital in Saskatchewan, several banks in BC, the Ministry of Children Family Services, a sales office for Labatt, a R&D lab for Nokia and internally for the IBM sales force.

Major responsibilities across these contracts consisted of general computer support.  These included:

  • Removal of any viruses, malware or other software infestations
  • Installation of software and peripherals
  • Reimaging
  • Laptop and desktop hardware support
  • General windows and application Support

Other accomplishments included assisting in the creation and front line management of a level 1.5 helpdesk and turning several greatly displeased clients into very happy clients.  Several times I was moved to a client on the brink of terminating IBM's services and turned the account into a success.

May 1997Mar 1998

Deskside Support

I was part of a Deskside Support team contracted to a major Pulp Mill in Saskatchewan.  I was often the first point of contact as I gained a reputation for timely and friendly support.


Public Speaking
I was a member of Toastmasters and have my Competent Toastmaster designation.  I enjoy putting on the occasional lunch and learn and am interested in Technical Sales Positions which would include customer presentations.
I assisted in the creation of a level 1.5 helpdesk by performing technical interviews on candidates and then sitting in on soft skill interviews and giving my impressions.  Once this team was assembled I trained them on internal policy and the methods used by this service desk as well as the tools they would be using.  After which I was the front line team lead and was able to hand over a well run team to my manager and his new team lead when I was assigned to a different contract.   I was the president of a chapter of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and ran several medium exercises in food distribution and other charity events.  I chaired monthly meetings and steered our chapter in a new direction before handing it over to a new president after my term.   I am the skip for my curling team and coach my softball team.
PDA Implementation
I have experience bringing PDAs and smartphones into the corporate environment for use in email and other productivity applications.  My preference is Palm and Sony PDAs using the Palm OS.
Management of my own queues and workload
For many years I have been using various ticketing systems to manage my queue of tickets as they come in.  I am very adept at prioritization and managing multiple builds or fixes at once.
Installing new hardware, moving equipment, adding software or changing how things are used is old hat for me.  I can also direct a team to accomplish a larger scale IMAC.
Problem Determination/Resolution
I have a long track record of success ferreting out the root of computer problems and fixing them permanently as opposed to eliminating the symptoms as they come up.  Most of my experience is with Windows and the following applications and application suites.   TECHNICAL SKILLS & QUALITIES SUMMARY   Skill Years Used Last Used Rating Operating systems       Windows XP Server / Professional 6 Current 10 Active Directory 3 Current 5 Citrix Metaframe 2 2 Current 5 Novell Netware 3.12 to 5.1 2 1999 2 Soft Skills       Team Lead 5 Current 7 Team Player 9 Current 10 Databases       My SQL Server 5 2 Current 5 Applications / Tools       MS Office 13 Current 10 Lotus Notes 11 Current 10 All Web Browsers 13 Current 10 Symantec Client Firewall 11 Current 10 Norton Antivirus 11 Current 10 Lotus Smart Suite 11 Current 10 AT&T Net Client 11 Current 10 Citrix VPN 3 Current 8 Remedy 3 Current 9 Novell Zenworks 2 2 1999 2 SMF 1.1.8 2 Current 10 Hardware       IBM/Lenovo Desktops and Laptops 11 Current 10 Dell Desktops and Laptops 2 Current 9 HP Desktops and Laptops 2 Current 9 Palm PDAs/Smart phones 3 2006 10


Jun 1993Jun 1996

Nearly finished CIS Degree

DeVRY Institute of Technology

Accomplishments/Special Achievements & Projects

  • Was selected to be Team Lead and create 1.5 level helpdesk.  This involved interviewing, hiring, training, mentoring and oversight of a 10 person team from the ground up.
  • Achieved highest number of tickets completed in  IBM Canada for 2005 during a high volume, low staff transition period.
  • Deployed into and successfuly turned several "red status" clients into successful "green status" clients.
  • Received letter from VP of IBM commending my high degree of professionalism.
  • Developed a PDA software keyboard much like Apple's IPhone keyboard, 12 years before Apple.
  • Initiated and wrote an in-house newsletter for new uses of Palm PDAs which maximized their productivity.


Websites that I have created:

Inspection Group Bob's Boutique Rule the Seas Forum TGIF Curling League Ian's Car Parts

Fraser Valley Football Club

Not all of these websites are actively being used.  They are mostly just samples of work I have done.

I used SMF forum software with a combination of mods and themes publicly available or for purchase.  Then I used my PHP and MySQL skills to modify them to make them all work in concert.

I have also been working on my own mod in PHP and MySQL to greatly improve the functionality of SMF forums.


·A combination of IT deskside and leadership skills developed over 13 years in a variety of industries. This provides the competitive advantage to perform technical support while simultaneously, utilizing superior knowledge of IT and office productivity applications required to enhance task performance.

·An outstanding team player with experience in establishing, maintaining and facilitating good professional relationships with people from all levels within the organization.

·Excellent technical background with solid project management ability. Able to handle multiple projects with different industrial backgrounds while performing the deskside role in the company.


I am currently building an electric bike for daily commuting to work as I find it much more pleasurable to ride the many bike paths the lower mainland has to offer than sitting in traffic.

I have been building several forum websites for friends and for myself to learn PHP, MySQL and have taken over an old forum as an administrator.

As mentioned earlier I love curling and softball.

I also enjoy going to the movies and occasionally quietly reading a good fantasy novel.