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Neil Movold

Dynamic International Business Career / Founder & CEO


Neil is passionate about knowledge leadership and amplifying human intelligence through the use of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing solutions. His mission is to help individuals and organisations harness knowledge (as a strategic asset), experience and networks to drive important decisions and solve problems.

Dynamic International business career spanning over 25 years, with 20+ years at CxO levels, bringing new products and innovations from idea to full commercialization with a well-balanced business and technology acumen. Visionary and strategic thinker with creative, empathetic, big-picture capabilities and a balanced, performance-driven approach to managing teams and projects that are often lacking in companies struggling with growth in competitive markets or looking to export to other markets.

I have a career spanning employment in Canada, Australia, Bermuda and New Zealand. I am currently living in New Zealand with my Kiwi wife and our two children.

Work History

Jan 20122016

Founder & CEO

InsightNG, New Zealand & Ontario, Canada

InsightNG provides digital services that use beneficial, contextual intelligence through cognitive computing solutions to amplify human cognition and enhance and augment 21st-century learning and future of work skills.

Benefits of our unique approach include:

  • providing far better "headlights" into an increasingly volatile and complex future
  • upskilling the ability to advance all critical thinking and apply previously unforeseen insights
  • smarter knowledge distribution so relevant knowledge is available when needed
  • uncovering patterns, opportunities and actionable hypotheses traditionally impossible to discover
  • capture and repurpose tacit knowledge that usually leaves with staff turnover
  • more intelligent management across the organisation
  • allowing staff to refocus their efforts on the 20% of the job that "requires more deeper know-how" or higher value activities than on the 80% of efforts on grunt work
  • going beyond the who, what, where and when of traditional analytics to the how and why understanding that will scale expertise rapidly, enable better decisions, align teams and make them more creative and agile

Our view is that if we can think better, we can make better decisions, creating a better world for all.

Manage and oversee all aspects of:

  • corporate strategy (short and long term planning)
  • international business development
  • negotiating and building strategic partnerships
  • corporate governance
  • product management and service delivery
  • project management
  • market engagement activities (e.g. onboarding)

Secured IBM Partner status as one of the only Watson Ecosystem Partners in NZ/AUS, along with strategic international technology partnerships that have accelerated our commercialization plans.

Raised $1.4M in funding since inception to go from idea to a 1st generation platform that is used by a diverse range of individuals around the world.

Using sound commercial judgement, I established operations in New Zealand and Canada.

I have also secured a number of Government funded grants for R&D and international expansion projects.

Jan 20062016

Management Consultant

Karori International Ventures, New Zealand

Specialise in providing executive level assistance for short term needs as a "gun for hire" when companies are unable to achieve strategic objectives.  

Provided expertise on strategy development, idea generation and commercialisation planning, product and market viability research, business/technology alignment assessment and, opportunity versus capability assessment.

Major projects include:

  • architecting, implementing and project managing a fully automated telecommunications solution for an IoT project involving remote gas meter flow measurement; and
  • designing the technology strategy, implementation plan and budget for a FMCG remote automated and managed vending and billing solution and project managing the solution from concept to market
Sep 2014Aug 2015

Trustee, Operations

YES Disability Resource Centre, Auckland, NZ

The YES Disability Resource Centre(YES) is a non-profit organisation working to ensure people with disabilities are represented in governance, planning and staffing.  My focus was on establishing a more secure and sustainable funding model to enable a greater diversity of services to be offered to the community.

Sep 2008Dec 2010

Managing Director

SB2 International Ventures Limited, New Zealand

SB2 facilitated international opportunities and de-risked the international experience for selected organisations associated with the areas of Science and Technology in New Zealand and Canada. Through an innovative collaboration of Public, Private and Tertiary/Research Sector stakeholders, SB2' s mission was to provide a comprehensive and well-orchestrated set of services aimed at accelerating the pace of international readiness and success for its client organisation.

Successfully assisted a number of companies through providing the following services:

  • Targeting the right knowledge and insight to develop a finely-tuned business model and strategic options
  • Providing a deep, forensic analysis of internal and external contacts and opportunities that would not otherwise be found
  • Mapping a highly qualified value network of synergistic business partners, development opportunities and funding
  • Providing in-market support, advice and engagement - going past providing introductions to complement and extend Government programmes
  • Market entry and in-market intelligence that enabled several companies to secure a foothold in the North American market
  • Finding pathways to setting up key relationships and strategic opportunities that relied on personal networks and on-the-ground street smarts that companies did not have themselves
Jun 2006Nov 2006

COO/acting CEO

Prolificx New Zealand Ltd, New Zealand

Brought in to turn around the company's failure to transition from a customer electronics design company to a global electronics product company. Developed the corporate strategy focused on global sales and market expansion. Identified key customer/channel opportunities.

Introduced best practices targeting commercialization capabilities, focusing on areas around:

  • legal concerns related to strategic IP
  • product development and service delivery practices
  • sales and market development
  • improving internal corporate communication across globally dispersed teams, which resulted in substantial efficiency gains

I successfully secured a grant of NZ$1. 8M to aid in bringing product to market.

Aug 2004Jun 2006


RealSports International Limited, New Zealand

Responsible for all aspects of the company's day-to-day business operations. Implemented best practice software development lifecycle processes and policies.

  • Achieved 100% improvement in customer visibility through the implementation of a CRM
  • Developed technology roadmaps and project managed solutions to market
  • Initiated and developed an end- to-end Customer Engagement Process that enabled new business to be secured and increased customer satisfaction across existing customers
  • Developed the company's overall corporate strategy
  • Restructured the company's financial systems creating substantial improvements in visibility around customer acquisition, profitability and overall corporate financial management

Head of Business/technology

Independent Consulting Solutions, Bermuda

Provided the following services:

  • corporate strategic planning guidance and development services
  • on-site assessment of business-IT alignment plans and progress
  • IT organisational effectiveness review
  • business and IT strategic planning, providing guidance, mentoring, and mediation through the process, resulting in lower operational costs and shorter project implementation timeframes

Provided project and strategic management for an ERP implementation at a US$35 million mechanical contracting company covering aspects from vendor selection through business transformation, business process reengineering and technical implementation.


Director, Infrastructure

Promisant Limited, Bermuda

Promisant was a $25M backed start-up supported by JH Whitney, JP Morgan, NeoCarta and McKinsey. Responsible for business line product requirements analysis, process design, vendor relationship management, strategic systems architectural planning, and business operations design.

Reviewed IT opportunities to determine applicability for inclusion in Promisant's quarterly and annual strategic and tactical infrastructure planning process. Prepared and monitored annual operating and capital budgets.



Logic Communications Limited, Bermuda

Designed, built, and managed Logic's ISP based infrastructure, services and products, connecting Bermuda to the Internet. Responsible for capital expenditure budgeting and asset management as it related to Logic’s products and services, resulting in greater profitability and corporate growth from the company’s inception to a point of annual revenue of over USD$12 million within 6 years and market share ownership.

Named Employee of the year in 1999. Built one of the first real-time billing systems to be used in the telecommunication industry. Was influential in deregulating telecommunications in Bermuda and was named as one of a select group of influential individuals in Bermuda's history as a result.



Executive MBA, International Business & Entrepreneurship

Henley Business School, Reading, England

Focus on international entrepreneurship and innovation.


Dual Honours Co-op B.Math (Computer Science & Applied Mathematics)

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario

Focus on distributed systems and fluid mechanics.