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Neil Lasher

Senior Technical Training Designer

Career Highlights

  • Keynote at the British Learning Assoc., Shanghai HR, and Trainings Moscow Conferences.
  • Learning and Performance Institute. Fellow and member of the Advisory Board.
  • Past President of ASTD Global Network (UK) and Past Vice Chair eLN 
  • Published three new Instructional Design Models.
  • Instrumental in Training Delivery for London 2012 Olympics.
  • 20 years experience of learning and development across multiple industries.
  • Delivering technology in business  since 1980.

Work experience

May 2013Present

Senior Technical Training Designer-Education Services

FireEye, Inc

An exciting senior role delivering world-class learning to staff and partners.

  • Leads a major project for design and delivery of Troubleshooting for FireEye's core products, delivered to internal staff and to major Partners across the globe.
  • Lead designer in FireEye Forensic Fundamentals, a course delivered to staff, partners and customers globally, for those who wish to bring their forensic knowledge skills up a level.
  • Designer of Technical Training for FireEye/Mandiant core products.
  • Lead Designer for FireEye Threat Assessment Managers.
  • Driving new instructional design models to our culturally diverse team and staying on the cutting edge of technology in training.

Aug 2011Present

Learning Consultant

Self Employed

To create long lasting memories and change behaviours, you need to create something extraordinary.

The technology minefield is hard to cross on your own. Too many experts ready to sell you exactly what they will say you need.

Learning Technologist, Learning Strategist, e-Learning Consultant, xAPI(Tin Can) and LMS Specialist, Developer & Trainer.

A new media professional with over 20 years of experience.

I bring it all together: technology, people, and content. If you need to know how emerging technology and emerging standards will affect your business, I can unravel it for you.

Managing projects using traditional sequential methods, waterfall, agile and scrum.

I have worked in areas from Coaching to Technical creation and delivery. Sales, Management Improvement and Mentored in most areas.

Sep 2011Aug 2013


Phone2Know Ltd

SaaS model developed with the knowledge of how people learn, how they use mobile technology and of course how they interact with others.

Interactive Voice Technology(IVT) and SMS are the logical steps towards delivery of information using any mobile device. Adding conversational functionality to eLearning and class based role play.

Working with a very small team at Phone2Know my role included exploring the forgotten technologies of using a mobile device with it's legacy systems, delivering learning to every corner of the world with no new infrastructure. 

Jun 2011Aug 2013

Coach - Managing Partner

Coach at The Learning Coach LLP

I was the managing partner of The Learning Coach LLP,  a training partnership that specialises in training the trainer to design and deliver more effective learning.

A partnership offering customised learning events designed to address learning challenges, improve the effectiveness of your learning design and increase usage.

My roles included:

  • 1-1 and team coaching. 
  • Design and deliver courseware in classroom, by virtual learning environment and in tutorial. 
  • Lead the partnership direction. 
  • Speak at industry events. 
  • Publish new articles and papers for our 300+ clients.

Oct 2010Aug 2012

Field of Play Group Leader - Modern Pentathlon

London Olympic Games Games LOCOG-London

To start I was a Trailblazer for London 2012. My role was to train in classroom a substantial number of the interviewers who interviewed 100,000 people for the role of Games Maker for the London Olympics.

The role moved to train on site and in classroom 12, 000 team leaders for their role at games time and then to train substantial number in games time role specific tasks.

In the last 4 months I took a full time contract to plan and deliver the complete Field of Play event of Modern Pentathlon(Fencing, Swimming and Combined Event) during the Games.

My role included all planning, creating learning, delivering skills training and managing and supervising the field of play during the actual events.

An exciting opportunity to use all of my event delivery skills.

I was a part of a team that delivered 1 million hours of training to 200, 000 Games Makers and Contractors with a mission critical end date.

Jan 2001Jun 2011

Managing Director


Trainer1 was the first company to offer a service of creating a self sufficient eLearning development team to organisations.

Supplied both Authoring Tools imported from around the world and delivered courses on how to implement them, use them effectively and taught instructional design to allow DIY eLearning.

Built a client base of many hundreds of self authors and provided a number of value added services to the industry, including offering the first hosted Learning Management System for small companies in the UK.

Apr 2004Jun 2010

Project Manager

Context Sensitive Learning

During this period I was involved in developing an context sensitive performance support tool that worked to deliver learning on any program active on a user computer. A project that called on all of my prior programming skills and use of many technologies and languages.

Sep 1995Jan 2001

VP - Europe

Trainersoft Corporation Ltd

In a move from manufacturing to  training I opened a business called 'by Design Learning'.  Contracted to deliver training alongside the installation of technical equipment for contracts in Malaysia, China and Italy.

On taking a contract with Coopers and Lybrand as an external consultant it became obvious that automation and electronic delivery was required. I had fallen into the world of CBT which in turn led to eLearning.

I formed the European operation of a software development company. Imported the first eLearning multimedia authoring tools from the USA to the UK and Europe. Company was merged into Trainer1 in 2001 

Jan 1983Jul 1995

Managing Director

NLS Silverware Ltd

As a master silversmith working in London, I built a technological manufacturing plant in Islington Central London using electrochemistry and bleeding edge computer driven control. I employed many talented skilled staff and trained a new influx of apprentices. The company produced reproductions for museums across the USA to be sold in their museum stores, created large' famous' trophies, and worked within many institutions in the UK restoring some of the country's treasures for display.



The Open University Certificate in Legal Studies

Open University

2 year Certificate in Legal Studies - W100 Introduction to Law



University of Hertfordshire

Studied the first 2 years of an engineering degree course. Not for the degree but to close some gaps in my knowledge.