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Work experience

Hotel Manager

I have held many different positions and gained much experience in the Hospitality Industry.


Selwyn College  Auckland New Zealand

My education level was to completing High School.

Text Section

While initially I gained experience in various different types of work ranging from working in Retail. Real Estate Selling and Picture Framing/Art Gallery my predominant occupation was in the Hospitality Industry.  Here I started at the lowest ranks as a Cleaner and rose through working in and Managing  various departments.  I held top Management positions in New Zealand and then the Solomon  Islands.   This is well evidenced in my website,  This site was created to offer, from my experience, help and guidance to those with a genuine desire to make a career in the Hospitality Industry.Now in retirement as well as enjoying helping clients with their journey into the Hospitality Industry I also, being a lover of writing, take on writing tasks for those who have some difficulty with writing texts and also those who because of Nationality struggle a little with the English language



With humility I advise that my skills are Managing and leading groups and now in retirement helping and guiding people into the Hospitality Industry and also the editing  of articles for those who just find writing difficult or being non English have trouble with fluency.