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My name is JinYi Tang. My friends always call me Tom. I like it. I was borned in Heze, Shandong Province, in 1988. And have a sister who is only one year younger than me. I love she as my parents love us.

My primary school age was from 1995 to 2000. And my middle school age was from 2000 to 2003. At school, I fellow the step of my teachers. At home, I fellow the step of my parents. I was happy, because everyday was new for me. But I always had a puzzle what was the meaning of life. In other words, I was living for what. At that time, I was young and did not have any big experiences. I could not get the answer.

From 2003 to 2007, I went through a hard time, which is my senior school age. As everyone knows that the college entrance examination of China is crazy, due to the largest number of students. I almost had any time except for homework.

Luckily, I killed the exam. Form 2007 to 2010, I studied in Shandong university. At school, I made new friends, communicated with my professors or thought about what I should do next day. Everyday was rich but not busy. One evening, when I was walking on the way to the class lonely, I saw many other students walked quickly to the class for study, just liked me, with a heavy schoolbag. I suddenly understood the meaning of life. It was the location of youself and the achievement of the target by you located. Different time has different location. If you located yourself as a good student, you should studied hard and got a good mark to make you parents happy. If you located yourself as a dutiful son, you should always take care of you parents. Phone them, talked with them, and told them you were happy now.

For now, I located myself to be a good husband and a responsible father later. So I applied the opportunity to study in Chung Ang University to improve myself from 2010 to present. And then got a good work to support my family in the future.

By the way, I also got a part-time job when I was in Shandong university as a clerk of recruitment agency.

Work experience

Jul 2009Oct 2009


Jinan Assistant Sheds Division Agency

    Jinan Assistant Sheds Division is an agency that trough training, helps the applicants to get a good mark in the assistant logisticstor exam.

     My work is that introduce the agency to other students. In my efforts, a total of 43 students attended the training.

     The name of manager is Pengpeng Li. E-mail:[email protected]


Sep 2010Present


Chung Ang University

University  Courses: Business Communication,

                                 International Logistics,

                                 Electronic Trade,

                                Ocean Shipping,

                                International Trade Practice,

                                Business Insurance Management...

Jul 2007Aug 2010


Shandong University

University Courses:Advanced Mathematics, Operational Research,

    Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Accounting, Marketing,

    International Trade, Management of Enterprises, International Logistics,

    Economic Theory, Management Information System,Business English...



Volunteer Experience:

            Community activities

             Part-time work in library



Business Communication
Knowledge of company Cash Flow Statement and Income Statement analysis. Can very good writing sales letter Can very good making screencasting Can very good writing executiue summary...
Skilled blind playing ability Can skillfully operate WORD, EXCEL and other popular office software and network knowledge to a certain extent...
Excellent Chinese speaking and writing skills Good communication skills and fluent in spoken and written English Fluent in Korean Medium Japanese ability...