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I also take a lot of pride in bringing responsibility to any job I'm working. I can handle a good work load and am very able to use self management as a positive tool.
I am very willing to take action to get things done in any job I'm involved with. I take pride in always staying motivated so that I can be helpful and useful to whatever employer that I have.
I have confidence that I can help any business through social media. I take a positive attitude into any job I'm in as well.
I can adapt and adjust to many situations with an employer. I am willing to do so. I can find ways to thrive and do well in different work environments.


I am interested in helping whoever i can because I believe that I can. I am mostly interested in sports related jobs for social media, but like i said i can help a wide variety of people. I can also find interest and motivation in whatever job I am doing. Also, anything involving Twitter social media jobs would be my main target.

Work experience

Jul 2013Present

Social Media Manager


I've learned a lot through Twitter the last 4-5 years and have taken care of many accounts for myself and friends. Most of these accounts have been very successful with gaining followers, being informative and useful and being promoted well. That is what I feel that I can do as a social media manager in the future.


Aug 2011May 2013

Associate in Arts

Bismarck State College