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NY Foreign Press Association, Interfaith Centre of Melbourne (australia)


An expert in media production, Ms. Neheda Barakat possesses 20 years of professional experience as a producer. Most recently utilizing her talents on a freelance basis, Neheda Barakat works with an array of companies to bring polemical stories to the forefront of the journalistic world. Neheda Barakat specializes in current affairs and has reported on some of the world’s most important events. From producing coverage of the first Gulf War, to conceptualizing and researching a 13-episode series regarding Indigenous tribes’ survival, to obtaining an exclusive interview with the man behind the Mi Lai Massacre, Neheda Barakat infuses her stories and projects with unparalleled passion. Neheda Barakat garnered the bulk of her professional experience in various roles for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABCTV). Having begun her 7-year career with ABCTV as a Senior Producer, Neheda Barakat was part of the team on several highly respected weekly shows, including “7:30 Report” and “Four Corners.” Four years after joining ABCTV, Neheda Barakat stepped into the role of Executive Producer. The creator and producer of “Inside Business,” Neheda Barakat provided a comprehensive, weekly program comprised of interviews, market wraps, current issues, and editorials. During her tenure with ABCTV, Neheda Barakat won numerous awards from the Melbourne Press Club, including the Quill Award for Best TV Current Affairs in 1999 and 2000. Before joining ABCTV, Neheda Barakat served as the Melbourne producer of Transmedia Productions. Neheda Barakat also held roles as a Producer and Researcher for Nine Network Australia. Neheda Barakat maintains membership in the Foreign Press Association of New York (FPANY) and serves on the FPANY Scholarship Judging Panel. Additionally, Neheda Barakat holds a role as a Board Member of the Interfaith Centre of Melbourne.

Work experience

Work experience

Freelance Media Producer

Neheda Barakat