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Highly driven IT Professional with strong Capacity Planning and Availability Management skills. Strategic thinker with the ability to analyze complex situations and creates new insights to improve business processes and maximize use of technology. Delivers Capacity & Availability Management services to optimize existing IT resources. Builds and maintains relationships across IT areas. A competent professional with total experience of over 8 years in the combination of  Capacity & Data Center Operations in IT Sector. Presently associated with Tech Mahindra Ltd. as a Project/ Capacity Manager.

Work experience


Project/ Capacity Manager

Tech Mahindra Ltd.

Project: Vodafone Hutchison Australia

Job Responsibilities

1. Involve in PRA (Project readiness acceptance) activities in VHA.

2. Ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget.Report and escalate to management as needed.

3. Coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors for the flawless execution of projects.

4. Work with different Infrastructure teams for the tickets closure.

5. Involve in raising CRs for different technical teams & co-ordinating accordingly.

6. Prepare Capacity and Availability reports on monthly/ Weekly basis.

7. Prepare six months trending plan on Capacity and Availability both and present in front of client over calls.

8. Co-ordinate with different technical teams to gather the data on Capacity and Availability.

9. Participate in Infrastructure Audit activities.

10. Agile/ Scrum master trained. 

May 2016Jan 2017

Capacity and Availability Manager

CSC Pvt Ltd.

Project: WEX & Arcadis

Job Responsibilities

1. Prepare Capacity and Availability reports on monthly basis.

2. Prepare six months trending plan on Capacity and Availability both and present in front of client over calls.

3. Co-ordinate with different technical teams to gather the data on Capacity and Availability.

4. Work on Service Now to fetch the raw reports on Availability tickets. 

5. Prepare adhoc reports as per the Client requirements.

6. Participate in Daily Status review calls on ITSM/ Service Management.

Mar 2015May 2016

Capacity & Availabilty/PMO Planning in VMware (Sr. Specialist)

HCL Tech IOMC Ltd.

Project: Global IT Operations

Job Responsibilities

  1. Manage the Virtual Infrastructure which has 150 ESX hosts and 2500 Virtual Machines on different locations.
  2. Monitor server utilization (CPU/ Disk/ Memory) of ESX servers through TeamQuest tool & prepare forecasting reports as well in order to provide weekly & monthly reports.
  3. Analyzed business requirement for clients and documented it and developed business solutions accordingly.
  4. Perform basic troubleshooting of VM issues, Host issues, Vmotion issues and Hardware issues.
  5. Responsible for tracking and monitoring progress of different projects as well as coordinate delivery dates.
  6. Handle tasks like reviewing, maintaining and highlighting the changes in project plan.
  7. Develop customized dashboard reporting to standardize & streamline network performance reporting that drives focus on end-to-end performance improvement opportunities.
  8. Assist Project Managers and Program Managers in handling daily activities.

Aug 2013Mar 2015

Capacity/ Performance & Availability Management (System Engineer)

FIS Global Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Project: Remote Infrastructure Management


1) Work with different clients on different tools to measure the dayend, weekly, monthly performance and so on. Major concentration was on reporting for servers- particularly physical and virtual boxes (Windows, Unix/Solaris, VMware environment).

2) Reporting includes pulling out the data from different capacity analysis tools and prepare reports accordingly. Interacting with different clients to prepare dashboard, new report templates as per their requirements.

3) Monitor 25,000 servers and preparing reports on monthly basis considering three basic things:

a) CPU Utitilization (Used, %Free, %Busy)

b) Memory Utilization (Used, %Free, %Busy)

c) Disk (%Used, %Free, Transfer rate and file System)

4) Use TeamQuest Reporter, TQ Analyzer, TQ Surveyor, TQ view Concord & Ganglia as our Capacity analysis tools.

5) Use STAR & Hubble, vSphere client & Configuration Management Database for checking status of the servers, host, guest and checking actual status of the Virtual machines and prepare performance reports accordingly.

6) Use Case management tool for initiating different incidents, change requests for different issues. Working on preparing dashboards & adhoc reporting includes client specific data/requirement.

7) Take part in the client/team meetings, which includes Suggestions and Report presentations.

Tools and Application

1) VMware 5.0

2) Team Quest                                                                                                                                            2

3) Concord


5) Case Management System


7) Hubble

8) Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

May 2011Aug 2013

Capacity & Availability Management (Sr. Analyst)


Project: Deutsche bank


Produce daily, weekly and monthly reports to manage the Capacity and send it to the Management in an excel format.


Health Check report


1) DoD and sDoD full report comes from DoD reporter. sDoD vLAN Capacity report

2) DoD vLAN Capacity report DoD & sDoD DataStore reports

3) DoD and sDoD Inactive Sessions tracking report sDoD projects status report

4) Cluster Capacity report


1) dbRAS report

2) BlackBerry Users Inventory report DoD and sDoD Tracking report

3) Work on adhocs as requested by the management and also uses the DoD reporter tool to know how many Virtual Centers, Clusters and sessions are available in the environment including Production and UAT both.

4) Work on Recertification process. It's a process where a user hasn't been logged in for more than 40 days or more, we can reclaim the session. Also use dbRIB tool to create dbLists for DB environment.

5) Work on Salt and Peppering sessions. In this we balance the sessions between the Data Centers. Work on migrations from one Data Center to another after analyzing the Capacity.

6) Work on VMWare Vsphere Client 4.1 and managing the VM Environment.

7) Work on raising a Request for service to manage the DoD and sDoD infrastructure or for storage increase. Also provide the tracker for Request for service to the management, just to provide them a status.

8) Work on raising different change requests for datacenter migrations. Also send notifications prior to any scheduled change. Moreover attend the change meetings.

Tools and Application

1) VMware Vsphere Client 4.1

2) DoD Reporter

3) Lotus Notes 8.5

Dec 2008Apr 2011

Windows Server Batch Monitoring (Analyst)

HCL Tech IOMC Pvt Ltd.

Project: AIGGIG Investments


 Provide support for 2000+ Windows Server for all BU's of AIG Investments located in different regions of United States of America, ASIA PACIFIC and EMEA as per AIG Standard.

1) Work on Unicenter autosys job management.

2) Monitor the Autosys batch jobs and processing the daily batch requests. Troubleshoot the reason for job failures. Perform Batch requests on autosys.

3) Gained knowledge on Magic tool and maintained 100% SLA on tickets.

4) Handle all Technical Escalated issues, finding the route cause to fix the problem.

5) Take part in daily meeting for any change required by the users as a part of change management process. Send daily, weekly and monthly reports to the management.

6) Investigate and Rectify the alerts on the Servers generated through the Monitoring tool MOM. Check daily event viewer of all the servers.

7) Complete root cause analysis (research incident/task to determine cause of the error, document and recommend resolution).

8) Check BizTalk server on daily basis for any suspended instances and inform the same to the user. Work on Data stage to check errors and reset it as per the requirement.

9) Create space on windows servers and process enhancement by updating the Run books and documenting best practices.

Tools and Application

1) VMware Infrastructure Client & Virtual Infrastructure Client 2.0

2) OpenStaars Application

3) WIN SCP Data stage software

4) Data stage Director

5) Service Now

6) CA Unicenter Autosys and UWCC


Aug 2005Nov 2008

B.Com (P)

Delhi University
Aug 2005Nov 2008

Software Engineering





I, hereby, do solemnly affirm that the details furnished above are true up to the best of my knowledge.


                                                                                                                                                                                  Neha Chauhan