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Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Software Engineer

RailsDog LLC

Working on improving the internals of spree.

Nov 2009Dec 2010

Software Engineer

Onyx Government Services

As a senior ruby on rails developer of the project I look out for best practices in coding, testing, deployment , bug fixing and better feedback loop.  In the TechTracke project I extensively worked on JavaScript and JavaScript testing. Later I spent a lot of time developing testing strategy using cucumber and selenium along with capybara.

I also did some work on caching to make images load faster.

Apr 2008Nov 2009

Software Engineer

Rollstream Inc.

I joined Rollstream to help company migrate its Java based application to Web 2.0 based SaaS Enterprise Community Management application. As a team member of a small but growing technology firm, I made a number of recommendations to the CTO about technologies to use,  development tools, software development methodology, patch management and deployment strategies. I developed a number of modules, utilities tools and wrote a lot of unit, functional and acceptance tests. Very early in the system I advocated adopting RESTful way of handling resources. It not only made the development and testing faster and easier, it greatly reduced the amount of time to develop API. I worked on plugin called cache_fu which works with memcached and implemented caching strategy. I developed a number of jQuery plugins and used JSON along with iframe to bring rich client features to browser. I worked on Rollstream Security Grid that ensured that all Rollstream components are accessed in a secure and configurable environment. Community managers had the ability to customize the security setting as per their business needs.

Mar 2005Apr 2008


Projects: Electronic Pool Change Request Form (ePCRF)  and Multi-family Consolidate Disclosure Project ( CDP)

ePCR project allowed Fannie Mae to track all changes in the pool request digitally. Under the new mandate from congress, Fannie Mae undertook CDP project to disclose more data points about Multi-family loans.

It was a Java based project where JMS was used to send and receive xml data asychronosly. The authentication and authorization was handled using acegi-security along with Spring. Hibernate criteria and filter were extensivley used and XDoclet was used to generate all the hibernate configuration files.  Ant 1.6 features like macrodef and globber were used to expedite and to customize the build process.

Technology: Java 1.4, Weblogic 9.x, EJB 2.0, JMS, Struts, Tiles, Eclipse, Oracle, Junit, JSP, Servlets, UML, Rational Rose, ClearCase, ClearQuest, Ant, log4j.

Jun 2004Dec 2004

Software Engineer

Project: Project Enterprise

My first task was to handle performance bottleneck. I worked and changed the synchronous file processing to the JMS based file processing which increased the performance of the system. Worked with performance team to increase the throughput from 4 loans/sec to 18 loans/sec by analyzing the memory leak using jProbe tool. In the process configured Weblogic JMS for the maximum throughput. Implemented multi threaded cache to increase the throughput. Also worked on tweaking the logging framework to remove erroneous messages. Developed a number of front end pages using Struts.

Technology: Java 1.4, Weblogic 8.1, EJB 2.0, JMS, Struts, Tiles, Eclipse, DB2, Junit, JSP, Servlets, UML, Rational Rose, ClearCase, ClearQuest, Ant, log4j, HttpUnit, Jwebnit. 

Aug 2001Jun 2004

Software Engineer

BGR Enterprises LLC

Project: Spice Enterprise System.

Used the core J2EE patterns like business delegate, session façade, service locator and Value Object pattern along with Entity Beans and Session Beans to deliver a web based application to build a custom supply chain management.

Technology: Java, Servlets, MyEclipse, JSP, XDoclet, weblogic 8.1, EJB 2.0, Struts, Tiles, Eclipse, DB2, Junit, Ant, log4j, SAPDB .

Aug 2000Dec 2000

Research Assistant

Project: Development of Distributed Information Retrieval System for DoD.

Understanding the underlying TCP/IP protocol of Gnutella, a fully distributed information-sharing technology based on P2P (peer to peer) networking.

Project: Development of a portal for Children hospital of Pittsburgh.

Successful implementation of a web based portal developed on JSP/Servlet technology.

May 1998Apr 2000

Senior Systems Analyst

Client: First Data Corporation, Omaha, Nebraska

Senior Systems Analyst: May 1998 to April 2000

Project: Multi Language Cardholder Correspondence

Client: NorthWestern Mutual Life, Milwaukee, WI

Software Engineer: July 1996 to May 1998

Project: Year 2000 Code Renovation Project


May 1996


Regional Engineering College

Blog and open source contribution : I have been writing about my thoughts on various technologies on my blog for over four years now. In the blog, I have discussed wide range of topics ranging from Java, hibernate, Spring to internals of ruby and jQuery.

Blog also has an About section which lists all my open source contributions so far.

Security Clearance

I have  an active TOP Secret security clearance.


Available upon request

Work Eligibility

US Citizen


Over twelve years of experience in software development, software design, architecture  and testing. I primarily love to build web based applications using Object Oriented Technologies.Recent endeavors were in developing web based applications with certain rich client features using Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, jQuery, Rack, memcached, sphinx, haml, git and amazon s3. For testing cucumber, rspec, flexmock, mocha, shoulda, cucumber and factory_girl tools were used. For deployment I have used capistrano.



Sun Certified Business Component Developer


Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (I)