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To contribute skills, efforts and knowledge towards organizational goals and growth.  To work with greater responsibilities and challenges in my job and achieving the highest peak of my career by excelling in my field.

Work experience

Feb 2012Present

Sr. Manager Commercial

Signature Telecommunication

Job Responsibilities: Procurement & Vendor Management:

  • Defining & implementing purchasing process & strategies to realized significant process and cost reduction benefits.
  • Maintaining Internal Control System & Information communication between SCM and other departments
  • Vendor Development and Negotiation on Technical-Commercial Terms & Conditions
  • Material Requirement & Procurement Planning, Scheduling & Implementation Supervision.
  • Fund Plan, Payment Plan SCM Budgeting & Ensure timely effectuation.
  • Product & Services Cost Controlling and conveying same to Commercial & Finance.
  • Maintaining Pertaining MIS.

Achievement: Joined as Manager and Promoted as Sr. Manager.

Mar 2011Jan 2012

Manager SCM

Stream Teleservices Ltd.

Job Responsibilities: HOD Procurement & Vendor Management:

  • Responsible for Vendor Finalization and Registration Approval
  • Inviting Quotation and Preparation of Quality and Price Comparison.
  • Finalization and Negotiation on Commercial Terms & Conditions.
  • Material Requirement & Production Planning, Scheduling & Implementation Supervision.
  • Releasing & Tracking PO/WO/SO/LOI and Ensure Timely Delivery.
  • Check and Approve Vendor’s Invoices and Ensure timely Payment as per Plan.
  • Fund Plan, Payment Plan SCM Budgeting & Ensure timely effectuation.
  • Product & Services Cost Controlling and conveying same to Commercial & Finance.
  • Supervision of Inventory (Raw and Finished Material and Tools)
  • Material Shipment Planning and Controlling.
  • Maintaining Pertaining MIS.

Contributions & Achievement:

  • Defined & Implemented purchasing strategies which have realized significant process and cost reduction benefits.
  • Designed an Internal Control System that helped optimizing Resources and helped in effective decision making.
  • Joined as Assistant Manager and Promoted as Manager within 4 Months.
Feb 2011Jun 2009

Sr. Executive

Zeppelin Mobile Systems (I) Ltd. - Digvijay Division

Job Responsibilities: Outsource (Subcontracting) & Vendor Development

  • Vendor Development, Testing & Registration, Rate Negotiation and Terms & Condition Finalization. Releasing WO/LOI and to Check and Submit Vendor’s Invoices.
  • Work Allocation and Follow-up with Vendors.
  • Fund & Payment Plan & Ensure Timely Payments & Retentions Amount.
  • Maintaining Pertaining MIS.
Mar 2007May 2009

Manager Inventory

Cristopia Energy Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Job Responsibilities:


  • Maintenance of stock of Production items through tally 9 of different departments and purposes.
  • Looking after incomings and Outgoings with Primary quality monitoring and preparation of related documentation Raising and collection of QIRN.
  • Material Arrangement Handling Material Issues to the Shop Floor using FIFO method and Managing Stock Allocation on Job Cards.
  • Delivery arrangements for Rejected Material to Vendor. Tracking for Material under Rework and Repairing.
  • Material Requirement Planning to Determination and Maintain Stock Levels and Controlling Excess Inventory and Determination of Optimal Requirements for the Major Components and Import Components basis on Job Cards and Forecasts (Generate Requirement and Material Follow-ups).
  • Planning Delivery Schedules for the materials as per Production Planning and explain to Purchase Department. Ensuring the Availability of the material as per schedules.
  • Physical Stock verification on Monthly Basis.
  • Store Arrangement Planning Considering the Frequency of utilization, Stack ability, Size, Quantity and Values of Items with proper Marking and Tagging.

Also Handled purchase Department independently for Indigenous Inventory Procurement for 8 Months

  • Negotiation on Terms and Conditions with Vendors and Vendor Management.
  • Inviting Quotation and Preparation of Quality and Price Comparison.
  • Fund and Procurement Plan based on MRP and Fund & Ensure Scheduled Availability of Material. 
  • Releasing Purchase Orders on Vendors and Ensure Timely Delivery.
  • Checking Bills with DC, PO and Quality Report and presenting to GM for approval and to ensure Timely Payment of Vendors.
  • Keep Tracking of Pending and Executed Purchase orders.