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Process oriented data analyst with almost 3+ years of experience. Experienced in interpreting and analyzing data to drive growth, Furnish insights, analytics, and business intelligence needed to guide decisions. Passionate about studying how to improve performance. Seeking to leverage data analytical skills to improve corporate performance as a data analyst. Strong experience in quick turnaround of PoC’s by leveraging analytics, Data analysis , Visualization , Statistical algorithms like Forecasting, Decision-Trees, Logistic Regression etc.


Apr 2013 May 2017

B.Tech (Computer Science Engineering)

Amity University, Noida

CGPA is 7.06

Oct 2017Nov 2017

NSE Certification for Financial Markets

National Stock Exchange (NSE)

Passed The Beginner's Module with 92%

Apr 2012Mar 2013

Class XII (Senior Secondary School Examination)

Step by Step High School (now known as Jaishree Periwal High School)

Passed with 80.2% (Grade: A2).

Apr 2010Mar 2011

Class X (Higher Secondary School Examination)

Step by Step High School (now known as Jaishree Periwal High School)

Passed with 9.4 CGPA.

Work History

July 2018Sep 2018

Tableau Developer

Easy Data Analytics

Client: HKAA (Hong Kong Airport Authority)

Working for a pharmaceutical client, and developing their user specific dashboards and visual reports using Tableau Desktop 10.2.

Key Roles:
1. Understanding the requirements of the client. 
2. Developing Tableau visualizations and dashboards.
3. Restricted data for particular users using Row-Level security and User Filters.
4. Created action filters, parameters and calculated sets.
5. Developed workbooks to show Year over Year, Quarter over Quarter, YTD, QTD and MTD type of analysis.
6. Responsible for interaction with business stake holders, gathering requirements and managing the delivery.
7. Developed multiple charts like Area, Line, Needle, Gant, Pie, Donut, Bubble Charts, Maps etc.

Jun 2017Present

Senior Software Engineer

Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd.


Working for Morgan Stanley in their Enterprise Infrastructure, Technology, Data and Security supported applications, End User Computing, User Productivity Applications and Collaboration Tools.

Key Roles:
1. Part of EIQA-QAPM (Enterprise Infrastructure & Quality Assurance - Quality Assurance & Product Management) team, doing Manual Testing.
2. Working on HP-ALM, Galaxy QA, Sharepoint.
3. Working on Multiple testing requests for UI and it's applications, and updating status on SharePoint.
4. Track records for multiple things on MS Excel and reporting them to managers.
5. Handling more than 40+ Applications on Morgan Stanley Enterprise Desktop Environment.
6.  Sending Daily Status Report, Daily Observations and QC raised defects to manager.
7.  Knows the workflow of all the basic applications of Morgan Stanley. (3D, Galaxy QA, Loans IQ, JellyBean etc.)

Aug 2016Feb 2017

Data Analyst

Easy Data Analytics


Worked for two major clients with enormous data (in millions), and getting involved in end to end process from Data Loading -> Data Enrichment -> Initial Data Analysis -> Data Profiling for Churn -> Advance Data Analysis.

Key Roles:
1. Identifying structure of data, format of various attributes, performing data validation while Data Loading through OpenText qLoader.
2. Uploading this data to Text Analytics software and getting sentiments of each log using Sentiment Analysis Engine.
3. Preparing data and enriching it by dividing it into filters and segment wise.
4. Doing Initial Data Analysis using Cross Tabs and Venn Diagrams, or simple line graphs.
5. Doing Advanced Analytics to predict future events, to give better insights of trends and patterns.
6. Use Machine Learning Algorithms of Analytics Tool like Forecasting, Decision-Trees, Logistic Regression etc.

May 2016Jun 2016

Android Developer - Intern 

HCL CDC Pvt. Ltd.

Completed Live Project Training in Android


Dec 2016Jan 2017

Introduction to R for Data Science


Successful completion of R online course and passed with 91%

Apr 2016May 2016

Study Abroad Programme- Dubai

Amity University, Dubai

Successful completion of Semester-6 at Amity, Dubai with Grade 8.31

May 2015Jul 2015

Developing Mobile Apps for Android Platform


Successful completion of 4-credit course of Android Development

Mar 2015Apr 2015

Core Java

VTIPS Institute of Professional Studies

Successful completion of Core Java

Aug 2014Dec 2014

Web Component Development using Java EE

Oracle Workforce Development Program

Successful completion of Certification in Web Component Development using Java EE as a part of OWDP

Mar 2014Apr 2014

C & C++

IT Career Makers

Passed with A+ grade

Nov 2013Dec 2013


IT Career Makers

Passed with A+ grade



We have analysed their 2.4 Million + credit card customer data and given them insights about their active customers from past 3 years, % of actual churn, customers without savings account and just credit cards, defaulters, customers who might default in future. We did customer profiling on the basis of sentiment score got through Sentiment Analysis Engine. We made filters on transactions by year, transactions by month, transactions by week, age band, salary, CLV Band, frequency of transactions, region and sentiment score. 


I have analysed 5 Million + data involving various databases of weather, flights, shopping, gates etc. We gave them useful and important business insights stating the right location of shops on the airport, to maximize the sales, and putting them active during specific time periods, also giving them insights about number of customers from each gate at particular time period. Made various reports and dashboards using Tableau Desktop 10.2.


I have analysed enormous amount of data (in millions), and performed the entire process from end to end from collection  of data from various sources to loading data and performing some rules for data quality and put data fit with the business rules and then finally developed management-level specific dashboards.


It is a JAVA application that has been built using Visual Studio and SQL Server. In this project, i have used a real-time-data set of more than 6 Lac entries from which i have used 20% to for training and the rest for testing. I have applied two algorithms: Association Rule Mining and CURE Algorithm in order to get the results. The software generates graphical representation of the no. of complaints in each year from 2011-15. The project concludes that Cure Algorithm is more efficient, fast and reliable than Association Rule Mining.


I learnt the trade life cycle, worked with professionals of capital markets domain, had hands-on of how stocks order are placed through an exchange, did stock analysis, made reports, learnt financial terms and working.


  • School Sports Captain in Class 12.
  • School Rank: 2, State Rank: 2, Olympiad Rank: 10 in IIO 2011.
  • 1st in Basketball Intra-State Competition at Sangam Fest 2011.
  • 2nd in Dress Designing at Sangam Fest 2011.
  • 3rd in Pin Board Designing at Sangam Fest 2011.
  • Participated & won in many Inter-city and Intra-city Basketball Competitions.
  • Volunteer in Manav Mandir Mission Trust (NGO) from July'16 by teaching the orphanage students.

Personal Profile

  • DOB: 23rd Feb'1996
  • Address: 501, Grexter La Vie, Green Glen Layout, Bellandur, Bangalore-560103 
  • Languages Known: English, French, Hindi
  • LinkedIn Profile:
  • Hobbies: Watching shows on Netflix, Basketball, Snooker, Socialising